9 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

42 Blogs & 17 Books in 48 Days of VACATION :-)

            520th BLOG POST -->>

Its me in Yellow-kind-of-color shirt and navy blue tie. :-)
       On 22nd November,2011, I gave my last examination of Semester 5. I took 5 supplements in my last examination and ended 5th Semester on a Good Note. :-) Actually the note will get balanced as I know that I am not getting even 2 marks out of 20 in Internals so all that Kapil-Sibal-type-of-stuff written in that 5 supplements will just give me a Passing marks in that subject. Ok, now who am I to decide that I have already passed in that subject? Crazy me!!! Actually, I was so concerned for my 5th Semester examination that I reviewed a book even when my exams were going on. :-) The review got nice comments, I hope that my writing skills which I delivered in examination will also get a Thumbs Up by the most kind examiners who have checked all my papers. :-) Its 9th January, 2012 and my 6th Semester is starting today. I am ready to go to college and perform for the last time as its my last Semester of Bachelor of Computer Applications. I am little nervous as my Result of 5th Semester can be displayed today. Please pray for me if any of my Blog Post has made you smile. :-) Yes, I am corrupt and I am giving you a bribe in the form of a Blog Post so that you pray for me. :-) And I know that there are some sweet people like me who will pray for one-more-of-their-kind. :-)

          On 22nd November, when I came back home after having a 2 hours break at Inorbit Mall with 2 friends, I thought of spending vacation by doing some productive activities rather than lazying out for the whole day on bed. No, you are not thinking a good thing by predicting what I would have done on bed. :-) I am just talking about Sleeping and nothing else. You people thought of some other word from S and some naughty boy would have thought of an another activity from M. There are many of you who are as naughty as Kamaal Khan. Because I have "such" readers, I get many visitors on my blog. :-) You can see a section of POPULAR POSTS in Right-side column. The No.2 Blog which has got the most read is USE CONDOMS WHILE HAVING SEX IN NAVRATRI. :-) I wrote this blog long long back and it still gets highest click in spite of all those beautiful stories I have written in 2011. :-) So there are many clones of Kamaal Khan who reads my blog regularly. I am the only exception as I am the only one clone who writes. :-) 

           So, after thinking a lot, I went to the same passion and hobby. I thought of writing as much Blog as possible and complete all my targets of 2011 as early as possible because I had whole December with me. As reading is my hobby, I thought of reading 20 books in my vacation period of 48 days. The first Blog I wrote in vacation was 479th one and this is 520th before attending my college today. :-) i.e. 42 BLOG POSTS in 48 DAYS. :-) Only 6 dot days in the vacation period when I didn't scribbled anything on my Blog. I hope all the Kamaal Khans are proud of me. :-) I completed 150 blog posts in 2011 with the help of these blog posts. I also got the highest number of visitors on my Blog page in the month of December 2011. :-) Coming to Reading books, I started reading book from the 2nd day of my vacation so that I can complete my target of 20 books but I felt short as I forgot to count the days of Christmas and 2 days which will go in celebrating New Year. So, I missed my target and I have read 17 novels only. I know the last word in the last sentence has made more than 1700 people abuse me for over-acting. :-) Par kya karein thodi overacting bhi to aani chahiye. :-) So finally, I have turned my vacation Successful by writing 42 Blog Posts and reading 17 books in 48 days. :-) Come on, say HATS OFF to me. :-)

            With this, the vacation ends and from today, I am starting a New Journey- The Last Phase of My Graduation. :-) I am excited for the new subjects I will be introduced to. I am excited for some new faculties which will make me sleep for next 5 months. :-) I am excited for the new ways in which I and my classmates will be screwed by our class teacher. I am excited to see who my new class teacher is. I am excited to see if the girls of my class has developed their pulchritude and curves or not. :-) I am excited to see if my friends have missed me in the vacation or not. :-) I am excited to see the amount of development in the infrastructure of my college. :-) A new excitement and zeal has taken a birth in my expectation storage of mind. :-) Once the result will be declared, my mind will start working on how to work on this Semester and make it successful like the last 5 of them. I hope, like I have read the most number of novels and written the most number of blogs in last days, I will also score the highest marks in my last semester in comparison to my marks in last few Semesters. :-) Ab matlab tum sapna bhi nahi dekhne doge? Toh fir hass kyun rahe ho? 

            The only worry is about my Result of 5th Semester which can be OUT today or in few hours. :-) But it is obvious that it will be out before Sachin scores his 100th Century. :-) Now, for the time being, stop praying for Sachin's 100th Century and pray for my 5th Result of Graduation. Dil hai ki nahi? Ya sachch mein Kamaal Khan hi ho? :-) I hope I will be up with a very cheerful blog post if my result will kiss me like actress of Emraan Hashmi gets kissed and not like Shilpa Shetty got kissed by Richard Gere. :-) 

           Thanks. And Yes, also pray to God that my Last Semester starts on a Good Note and also ends with a good one. Bhagwan free hain abhi mere liye. Jaldi Jaldi kar lo mere liye pray. Nahi toh fir teesra Test Match start ho jayega Australia k saath. :-)

 ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU starting the last phase of his Graduation. :-)

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