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Charliezz by Trupthi Guttal and Zeeshan Farooqui !!!

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Charliezz by Trupthi Guttal and Zeeshan Farooqui

Oh no- it-s Monday (Mun-da-ne)! Welcome to the world of sorrows, tension and pressure - the typical office, where employees come, do their jobs just for the money and dash back to their homes (if allowed!). The office here is an engineering firm which is in the process of making its mark in the world. In such an industry, here is a peek -a-boo of what actually happens. This story revolves around two main characters working for this corporation - zahir pathan and khushi patil - and their struggle to prove themselves as worthy employees. Work, work and work! Does it seem like deja vu? Well, a wave of relief is brought by zahir. He travels into his yesteryears in college giving khushi a glimpse of what he experienced during his nourishing days. Phase one begins with his five college friends, including zahir, who are invited forcibly by one of their not-so-friendly-friend to his ancestral home where they created havoc but managed to survive the wrath of his parents. These five have an insatiable hunger for creating problems. Enjoy their antics at a new year-s Eve party and their naughtiness during an industrial trip to Goa, along with the girls! Amidst the roller coaster ride, zahir manages to find love in a lissom girl called Rashmi, his college friend, which unfortunately ends up disastrously. what is the reason? Will they reunite or does life has a different plot ready for them? And where does Khushi fit in? A tale well spun having an essence of humour and love. -CHARLIEZZ...- will make you nostalgically recall your days in college. 

Trupthi Guttal born and brought up in Bangalore. She has graduated from M.S.Ramaiah College of engineering, Bangalore, but hailing from a rich cultural belt of North Karnataka is a 24 year old budding author. Having pursued Engineering in the field of Chemical, she is currently working in a design consultancy firm as a Design Engineer. Zeeshan Farooqui born and brought up in Dharwad. He has graduated from KLE-s college of Engineering, Belgaum. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession. He is presently working as Assistant Manager in a design consultancy firm in Bangalore. He has completed his MBA from IBMT, Bangalore, in marketing management.


 I am still unable to understand the purpose of the story narrated through this book. The book is interesting initially. The book has a very nice sense of humour initially. The people who have experienced the thrashes of their boss will understand the problem of protagonists very nicely. Authors have tried to narrate the story in a very distinct manner. I appreciate them for trying something new but I found only Conversation and Conversation and Conversation in the book. I was dying to read some effective paragraphs but my expectations fell badly. I would not recommend this book to anyone. I am rating this 1 out of 5. 



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hens night said...

trupti is patel and i m naidu from south our caste matters a lot and now she took a decision to marry in her caste but i cannot live without her i have once left my home also when she told to run but next day she changed her mind and told now our marriage is not possible but i luv her to and cannot live without her and also effects.

Anonymous said...

I think u have changed ur review style.... :)...Nice way to review in a other manner...

Between thanks for this review as I will trust u by not buying this book.... :)

Remember I always there to read ur blog daily....especially ur fiction stories and Book reviews as am telling u that as I saw the comments in one post as -ve abt ur book reviews(As it is not necessary)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Raja,
I havent changed the reviewing style. It is just that I try new new things in between and hope that people will not notice the bad one. hahaha. :-) I just didnt wanted to write much about this book as it already wasted my hours so I copy-pasted all and just reviewed it in 1 paragraph in the end. :-)

And, I didnt understood what u said in the end of your comment.. jara sankchchipt mein bataao mere bhaai. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!...OK...In one line I will tell...

...Don't stop reviewing books as I saw somebody telling like that in ur comment section...thats it.. :)

Keep ON..

Writing Buddha said...

Aise kaise rok denge bhaisahaab.. Kehne waale bahot aate hain.. Hum kadar kartey hain unki jo Sehna jaante hain. :-)

Anonymous said...

GOOD.... :)

Keep ON..

Anonymous said...

A nice book. Something new and interesting. A great job by the authors. It makes you feel that you are in the characters.

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