17 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

My Views about Indian Books And Writers As A PANELIST !!!

            524th BLOG POST -->>

       I got an invitation from the team of THE VIEWSPAPER (Launched in August 2007 -  The Viewspaper is fast emerged to become India‘s largest youth paper.  Based on the citizen journalist format it has had around 3000 young people who have contributed to it till now. The Viewspaper has presented at Proto.in  which is India’s showcase event for startups. It was also nominated to participate in the Tata NEN – India’s hottest start up competition and  was shortlisted for the Manthan Awards in 2008. It has been covered and appreciated by various media such as Hindustan Times, Indian Express and  NDTV and has been credited in creating a platform for the youth and a new niche in media.) for being one of the few panelists who will talk in the World's Largest Online Conference- #iFeelUp Tweet-a-thon which was about celebrating India's greatness. They asked me to talk about Books as I am one of the Book Reviewers who are being trusted. Ok Sorry. :-)

          So, I would like to share all the tweets I posted as the panelists related to the Indian books. I had to talk on the changes and revolution our Indian books has made in India. So, I tried my best to talk sensible nonsense. :-) And luckily, I didn't had many debaters. I was the only one who was talking about books in that period of time and there were few sweet people who were discussing with me about books. I liked acting as an intellectual with them. :-) Now, I have taken the Screenshots of all the tweets I posted. So, I am guiding you about how to read the tweets in the order as they were posted. First, see the Screenshot No.1 and read the tweets from bottom to top, then go to the Screenshot No. 2 and again read the tweets from bottom to top and so on.... So that you can get the order in which the tweets were posted and you can understand the nonsense I was trying to represent as intellectual statements. :-)









             So, I hope that you liked my views about Indian books and Indian writers. I hope that I made some sense. And I also hope that you read in the order I explained above because the tweets are posted in the same order. 



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Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Rightly said. Move away from romance! There are a LOT more genres >.<

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Semi. I dont know why all the Indian writers are going under a creative block. :-)

sim cards uk said...

all i remember from the book is about an indian girl who i believe is burnt or something that must describe an indian woman's son with nature in order to mary him all other girls that have described him have either been not pure at heart unlike her who was. I would gladly appreciate it if someone could help me. thank you.

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