18 January 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Ghumenge, Firenge, Naachenge, Gaayenge, Aish Karenge Aur KYA??

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        Last weekend I went to Matheran with my classmates for a trip. They said that it’s  last semester so lets go somewhere so that some adventurous memory remains with us. Initially, I said no but later I nodded because I knew that these friends will become a dream once the college is changed in the post graduation so its better to spend good moments with them rather than regretting it later when I'll tempt to meet them and no one will have dates for a re-union. Kuch aa bhi jayenge. Har koi thode hi celebrity ban jayega. :-) So, I woke up at 6 AM in the morning, took a bathe and covered myself inside 2 sweaters, muffler, cap, scarf and almost every woolen material which could have helped me to avoid cold and cough as I'm quite allergic to it. Once we entered the Ghats of Matheran and I saw the world below me, I was astonished to see how huge this dynamic Earth is. Aisa nahi hai ki I was visiting a Hill station for the first time in my life and those views were my first time experience but the level of astonishment and surprise value was still of the same potential which I had when I saw it for the first time. :-) 

           The big trees, long branches, the villages situated on the hills, the Market Yard in the center of the hills, the lakes which served coolness to the Matheranites, the small schools meant for the children living on those hills of Matheran, the number of horses running on the climbing hills and plateaus with a traveler on their back, the pollution-free environment of Matheran took me to some other thought process level as I don't get to see that kind of pureness in the air of Mumbai where the vehicles have polluted each and every bit and pixel of the environment. The mega-features of Matheran taught me that there is no limit to a creativity and execution. The deep valleys and the interminable mountains and the evident air around me in the Matheran surprised me. There was a Suicide Point where no fencing is provided and a little mistake of yours can make you jump for death from 1000s of feet above. I stood there and I saw how deep the valley was. For all those 8 hours, the only Question which kept repeating itself in my mind was- How can God create something which is so vast and so perfect? 

             Traveling is one of the most important aspect of life. If you don't like traveling, you are losing a very big motivational campaign. When I travel to my native place in North India, I get to see various kinds of plantation spread from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh. It tells me how every state is different from every another state. The fun which you get in living in Mumbai will be absent in Delhi and vice-versa. The lakes found in Kashmir will be absent in Kanya-Kumari but the view of the Endless ocean available in Kanya-Kumari can not be experienced in Kashmir. So, every place is different and has its own characteristics. Sitting in a Mall gives you an ambient feeling while sitting in a garden gives you a fresh feeling. Sitting in a bedroom gives you a restful feeling while sitting in drawing room gives you a cheerful feeling. So, just the difference of 10 steps can make the difference in your approach towards yourself and towards your work. 

           When a friend asks you to come to his place for completing homework and assignments, you refuse. But when the same friend asks you to come to Inorbit mall for completing the same homework, you get ready. The conclusion is that every place has a feeling in it. And when you get involved with it, you start reacting to it in the same force. Your contribution to the place is directly proportional to the energy it provides you. When a train runs on the track and you see the long tracks spread across the horizon of the Earth and its endlessness, you pick up a book from the next station and you read it in the same speed in which the train travels on those tracks. Train gives you an energy through its characteristics of speed, running and endlessness and you react to it in the same manner by applying the same characteristics in the activity you are doing. You read a book with speed and the words keeps running in your mind until an unless you don't complete the book. So, this is how traveling improves you. It starts fascinating you towards improvement, creativity, divinity and Being Huge.

           After visiting Matheran, I got to know why Writers prefer to stay at Hill station when they write a very long book. The scenarios visible from the hill-station shows the creativity and unending thoughts of God, writers apply the same in their book and makes it a powerful example of Creativity and unending thoughts. Actors prefer to stay abroad because the foreign countries are made with perfect architectures with beautiful gardens and infrastructure all around. This gives them an idea to look as perfect as those architects in USA and look as beautiful as those gardens and towers on the Camera. Students like to hangout at Shopping malls because sitting in that four-wall classroom kills the excitement they have in their young blood. Going to a shopping mall makes them see the variety of brands available in the market for their favorite products like cloths, foods, books and mobiles. This gives them a target that they have to possess whatever they want to in the future and hence they need to work upon today for fulfilling this dream in the future and they start studying back once they return home.

           So, this is how Traveling at any place except sitting at home and going to office or college helps you rejuvenate yourself and you start working with the same zeal and vigour which that place passes into you. :-) I have decided that I'll try to travel at one of the good monuments or adventurous places every year to refresh myself from the boring work I do. :-) I want everyone of you to travel different places and explore yourself. See some artistic places and get motivated to do something artistic in your life. Best of Luck. And HAPPY JOURNEY!!! :-)



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Gaurav Dashputra said...

Very well written dude... Its very true...hum sab me ek artist chupa hota hai...all it takes to awaken him is a push...that push might come in different ways for different people...some find it in songs...some in poetry...some in the scenary...some from heart breaks and the others from their day to day life...i too believe that even small things can help u find the creative part within you...nice work and hope u had loads of fun at matheran :)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes buddy, you have said the right thing and U have given some more examples of how some extra activities helps us in improving our performance.

Basil said...

well written .... so wish to go to Matheran too :))

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Basil. yes, surely go for once.

Anu Lal said...

Very Good article, Abhilash. The point you made is very true. We all deserve a break!

Anonymous said...

Nicely Written. This was something different and interesting.


Writing Buddha said...

Yes Anulal sir.. I tried to write about the trip differently.

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. After a long time, saw ur comment Abhisek sir. And happy that u felt that u read something different. thanks.

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Now thats called inspirational writing =) I wanna suddenly travel now! xD

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Yes, go and travel Samyuktha. And thanks a lot. :-)

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