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Three Times Loser by AKASH VERMA !!!

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            On the 7th day of New Year-2012, I finished my 4th book of the year- “Three Times Loser” by Akash Verma. :-) Reading this book has been an exciting journey for me. I completed it in 2 slots. First, 12.30 AM to 4 AM and then 11 AM to 4 AM. The book is of 264 pages and you love it right from beginning once the initial characters are introduced. This is the first book by Shrishti Publishers where I can see a book surpassing 250 pages. Lets talk about Akash Verma first and then go towards the quality of the book. Akash Verma is a management graduate and the co-founder of an Advertising Venture that he started a year before. In his sixteen year old professional career, he has worked across the leading companies in the FMCG and Media sector. His work has taken him across the country and he finds this experience very relevant while giving shape to his stories. Akash took up to writing fiction in 2007; and he attributes this sudden urge towards writing to his compelling passion in understanding human relationship and behavior. He has deep interest in music, history and travel. This is his second novel after his last work 'It happened that Night; which was a National Bestseller.

              Coming to the story of THREE TIMES LOSER, A boy- Alok sends letter to three different person- Megha-a home-maker, Mandira-a top MNC executive in New Delhi and Shonali-a Corporate Slut in Mumbai. He asks all of them to meet him on the same day, on the same place and on the same time. Initially, the letter to Megha is discussed in the story and then Alok’s beautiful journey with Megha is narrated in a very beautiful manner. Then, letter of Mandira and Alok’s journey with her and in the end the same  with Shonali. Three different love stories based in 1988, 1989 and 1996 shows three different perspective of the same protagonist. The augmentation in age brings different shades to all the three love stories. But, protagonist loses his girl every time. But, the book keeps you intriguing because you want to know that why has he called all the three ladies of his life together at the same time and at the same place. To know this, go and get this book and read a very interesting story which is far different than all the other books published by Indian publishers these days on the name of Fiction. 

               Coming to the REVIEW, Akash Verma has used very nice words in the book which will help you learn lots of words which you can use in your writings and conversations daily. The language of the book is mature and you will love it. Akash Verma has written a book with a message which he opens in the last pages of the book which makes you fall in love with the author. The author has written the same- LOVE STORY but in a very different manner which makes it something better than a simple love story attempted by all the Indian writers these days. Akash Verma has taken a good risk but he succeeds in making you laugh out loud, weep as a baby and learn like a good student. :-)


              The book makes you know many aspects of the journey of a boy from 1988 when he is in 12th std to 1996-97 when he turns a professional. How 3 different ladies comes in his life at 3 different times and act as a catalyst in his life. How he sees his love in his life. How he treats his friends in his life. How he manipulates his parents when needed. How he helps his colleagues when they are stuck. How he loses all the 3 ladies but never leave them behind. He does good to each of them without letting them know. They come to know about it once Alok has lived all his life according to his terms and conditions. The book- THREE TIMES LOSER has many moments of laughter, sorrowfulness and depression. But in the end, you will smile because you get to read a story which not only narrates a very beautiful journey of a boy but also teaches you something with an example which remains with you for a long time. After completing the book, you will keep it on the most favorite part of your shelf so that you can always see its beautiful cover page and remember the beautiful hours when you were lost in the story of Alok. :-)

                  Coming to the Drawback- Initially, the book is full of humour and you get a sense that after 264 pages, you will laugh for a long time because of several incidents which takes place in the story and funny statements used by Akash Verma. But, the humour ends once the story of Megha is off. The humour quotient of the book disappears. The suspense and a very beautiful story lies after that too but you still remember the first 82 pages as it had something which you remember as the beautiful part of the book. Second, the last story of Shonali could have been written with more enthusiasm. It becomes boring as lots of professionalism is seen. But, the story demanded it. :( Else, I didn’t find any drawback in the book. 

         I rate this book 4.5 out of 5. YES. This is the 2nd book which I am reviewing so high. THE BACHELORS THEOREM was the first. And THREE TIMES LOSER succeeds in being the second. Well done, Akash sir. :-) I am expecting a Bollywood movie based on this book. :-) 



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amit ganguly said...

Its a good analysis.Probably this makes my mind go for a read too.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes plz. Go and read this book sir. You will love it.

hens night said...

I want to loose about 2 or 3 kgs. I have been trying for a long time but not loosing a gm ! Must I consult a dietitian. I m worried if I will spoil my health coz I am not overwt, but am trying to loose wt.

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