30 July 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Completed 12 Years of Blogging | Writing Buddha | How Blogging changed my LIFE and WORLD?

1954th BLOG POST

12 years back, I wrote my very first Blog Post on 31st July, 2009 and I never knew I will come so far with it. It all started as an open Personal diary which later got converted into a platform where I discussed about the books I read which I still do. I also started bringing ahead my viewpoints on topics related to youth and current affairs. Later, I switched a bit and started talking about movies too considering that most people of my age were interested in knowing about both – new and old movies. I continue reviewing and talking about very few movies I watch which I strongly feel I should talk about. Since last few years, the Blog has taken turn towards Spiritual content as well.


When I started writing, I never knew that the form of Blogging or connecting with people will change over the time, but I did my best to adapt though I always lack in it. I am still behind, and this is something I am still learning on how to adapt immediately as soon as the world of media progresses. I started clicking book photos with every kind of aesthetic value in it with my limited photography skills. Later, people told me that people love to watch videos more than reading so it would be better if you can start a Youtube channel. Somehow, I managed that. Now the articles and new algorithm say that the social media platforms are supporting short portrait videos of 15 to 30 seconds. This is the new adaptation I am working upon.


These twelve years has been such a growth as a reader, writer, thinker, content creator but mainly it has made me a completely changed person altogether. Now I think differently and my view of seeing the world is very distinct than how it was previously. This platform also allowed me to meet so many celebrities I adored which was an experience I would have never had otherwise. I also know many of you in such cities where I haven’t visited ever or maybe I shall never visit too. But the kind of bond I have with people is amazing.

I owe my life to Writing Buddha – the name I have chosen for my online presence, and I have spoken about this in brief in the video. Please do watch and keep supporting as you have always done.


Thanks a lot.



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विकास नैनवाल 'अंजान' said...

Congratulations for this remarkable feat.. 12 years and may you keep blogging like this. Yes change is inevitable and we need to adapt to it but we shouldn't forget why we started it in the first place. It was because we enjoy doing this and i think if we keep enjoying then no matter what the changes are we'll keep incorporating them to our content creation routine.

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