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Movie Review: Hungama 2: One of the worst movies!!! 0 Stars

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I still remember watching Priyadarshan’s Hungama more than a decade back when his movies used to be as awaited as Hirani’s movies these days. Almost every movie of his had so many confusions within the plot that made audiences die from laughter. It has been a very long time since he created any movie and most of us remembered whenever any makers ruined a movie in the name of humour and comedy. Finally, we got to know about the return of Hungama as Hungama 2 but with new characters having only Paresh Rawal and Manoj Joshi as a continuity from the old one. The cast looked boring with people like Meezaan Jaffrey, Shilpa Shetty, Pranitha Subhash in the lead roles.


I was still expecting something from the movie just because of one name – Priyadarshan. Unfortunately, there’s some issue with some of the old directors who are stuck where they were two decades back even now. They haven’t moved a bit in terms of both – content as well as thought process. They feel that they can still sell the same stuff to the new set of audience. Even the same old audience have grown up now who have begun rejecting even Khans so it is an example of over-confidence when you, as a maker, believe that mentioning the names of your previous hit movies in the trailer will make audience love the new one too. This is an outdated strategy which doesn’t work anymore.


Hungama 2 script also has many twists and turns and confusions and lunacy but this time, it doesn’t have comedy in it at all. In fact, even these turns of events are predicted by us right in the first segment itself knowing how Priyadarshan’s mind functions. You want things to happen beyond your predictions, but it doesn’t – not even once. The whole movie is generally shot in a big bungalow which restricts even more possibilities that could have happened with this story. I only felt laughter once when Tiku Talsania tries to tell the DNA report results to Ashutosh Rana otherwise other than that, the whole movie only makes you want to skip it as soon as possible.


When you know that there’s an actress like Shilpa in the movie, you expect her to have most screen presence whereas you’ll realize that she’s just having a minor role which doesn’t do much other than advising Meezaan or else, dancing in the useless and unwanted recreated version of Chura Ke Dil Mera. Leave this song, not a single song of this movie is good – I don’t know what Anu Malik was smoking while creating songs this time. Never heard such a hopeless album in recent times. The dialogues are just disappointing as they are unable to generate laughter in you at all. In fact, it makes you angrier.


Nevertheless, I also found this movie to be Hinduphobic. Yes, not at the level of Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi but it is. I will give you few instances. The actor keeps hand directly on God’s head while making any promise – says something as demeaning and insulting to the idol of Lord Krishna as “Tu murli baja raha hai ya meri baja raha hai” – When asked to keep hand on Bhagavad Gita and take the oath, the character says “jahaan haath pair rakhwana hai rakhwa lo” – while giving reference of pregnating someone else’s wife, the character refers to Ramayan etc. This is very upsetting and insulting to someone like me who believes in God and Dharm.


Lastly, the movie is such a bad example to set for the new generation. I have just started disrespecting Meezaan Jaffrey for accepting this role in the first place. You’ll find him disrespecting the kids in the house and calling them names which we shouldn’t at all – we know how sensitive children are. The same goes with Ashutosh Rana as well. Then, Jaffrey also talks badly with all the elders around him as if they are meant to be ill-treated by him every now and then. And not only this, but he also even goes a step ahead in disrespecting the women characters in the movie. He calls and talks with the lead Pranitha’s character so badly that you want to just stop watching the movie at that point of time. In one scene, he tells at her face that he is about to rape her and he even starts doing that. And he justifies it by saying that I can do this as I am father of your children. All of this is too difficult to accept.


Overall, let’s not talk about it more, Hungama 2 is one of the worst movies. I give it 0 stars.





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