17 July 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Toofaan: Similar to Sultan, Panga but watch it for Farhan's commitment! ***½

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I have never been excited about any OTT release than Toofaan. And all because it has Farhan Akhtar in it doing what he has already done before and inspired me – acting a character which requires immense physical transformation. I am basically getting too charged these days about getting healthy hence any kind of motivation really works for me. Toofaan is the movie based on a Boxer’s love story along with how he conquers the ring again after getting banned from the sport for 5 years. Now, this is obviously, not a unique plot as we have seen almost similar plotting in Sultan as well as Panga. There are many more movies which talks about the same – a sportsman leaving the game and returning after hardcore training and physical exertion.


Farhan Akhtar, as an actor, is a bit different than others which makes the movie look fresh even when it is based on the same plot on which we have seen many movies in the recent past itself. His expressions whenever he is relaxed, determined, committed, demanding, angry, silent, loving are so emotive that you can feel his soul every time. Even in Toofaan, the way he has played all the three different parts- of a rowdy, boxer, and family man – is so natural that you just believe in everything he shows on the screen. This is an OTT release, but the movie would have been a very great experience in the theatre.


Similarly, talking about Paresh Rawal, he is playing the role of the Boxer’s trainer and he plays his part religiously. You can see in his eyes that he has the grasp of understanding who can be converted into a Champion just by a glance he makes at them. His opinion on Hindutva sounds quite irritating but then that’s the reality of many people in real life. I also liked how makers justified this angle from both the ends. If we have Paresh Rawal as hardcore Hindutva who can’t stand Muslims in his life except when it comes to Boxing, we also have people in the movie who wants to convert a Hindu girl as soon as they find her committed to a Muslim boy. This topic is very sensitive which I believe could have been avoided from the plot but fine, Mehra has still underplayed it and didn’t carry it for too long.


Mrunal Thakur looks very sweet in the movie, and I liked her portrayal of being a Doctor as well as her carefulness for Farhan’s character because it is due to her that he leaves every nonsense and focuses on Boxing – not once but in two different phases of his life. I didn’t like what happens to the Mrunal’s character later, but I believe it could have been dealt in a better manner because making audiences emotional purposely is not a good idea anymore. This really looked forced in the movie. All the other characters played by Vijay Raaz, Darshan Kumar, Hussain Dalal or Supriya Pathak are also written well, and the actors have also done complete justice to it. Through the character of Darshan, makers try showing how the corruption happens in every sport. The unfairness happens in front of everyone but still if the system wants to drag someone back, they can do it even in everyone’s presence.


Along with a boxer’s life, corruption, effort and several other elements in the sport of Boxing, Love-Jihad, Inter-religion marriage, sacrifices etc, movie also tries to display several factors such as match-fixing, bullying etc. The music in the movie is inspiring – every time there is some background score or a song, you can feel the passion within you. All the fighting and action scenes are well-executed- nothing new to offer but very steady still. This is a nice entertainer and I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. This is surely motivational if you are wanting to get that shot which can move you out from your bad routine and make you push towards building your body and getting a healthy shape. I have just reviewed this movie from that angle and not from technical perspective at all.




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Geethica said...

I agree, Abhilash. Recently, I watched Toofan and felt the same. Farhan has the potential to make things look different. The physical and mental transformation he brings to the character is unique.

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