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Movie Review: Haseen Dillruba: Watch it for the depth in its characters than the murder-mystery! ***½

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I don’t get much chance to watch the movies/series which gets released on Netflix as I still don’t have subscription due to its costly plans. Somehow, I managed to watch Haseen Dillruba within the first 2 days of its release itself. What excited me for this movie were the casts – Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. I like Taapsee whenever she plays such roles and what an irony it has been that she has ended up playing a newlywed bride who is unsatisfied with her matrimonial relationship right from when it starts. E.g. Manmarziyaan, Thappad and now this – Haseen Dillruba. I think she has learnt the art of playing such wifey characters. Haha!


Talking about the movie, though it is marketed as a murder mystery but let me tell you, when you’ll watch it, more than wanting to know who the killer is, you will love the depth in the characters and the evolving relationship of Taapsee and Vikrant. The movie depicts very accurately how arranged marriages are set-up in our country. It also displays very bluntly on how two mismatched personalities agrees for the same knowing that there are very few commonalities between them. There is plethora of lies that one or both the families end up saying in assuring that the match gets fixed. The expectations start getting crunched right from the Day 1 when the lies said by girl’s families start getting exposed and even, the girl starts realizing that the boy she has gotten married to can’t fulfil her expectations.


This makes the initial development very solid which makes you more interested in this plot than who killed whom which is introduced right in the 1st scene of the movie. I liked how both - the husband-and-wife deal with each other throughout this difficult phase and try to settle emotionally even when nothing works out practically. The introduction of groom’s cousin in the story which is played by Harshvardhan brings in the quotient of extra-marital subplot and the story becomes more interesting after this. I really liked the complete segment up till the pre-climax.


The narration is very easy, and you would find yourself very comfortable with the screenplay of the movie. Talking about the performances, I must say Taapsee Pannu will make boys crazy to have a wife like her if she continues performing like this. She is adorable and desirable throughout just as what title of the movie promises her to be. Vikrant Massey has indeed given one of his powerful performances. Harshvardhan Rane is a fine actor, and his small contribution is acknowledgeable. Wish he keeps getting chance in the movies regularly. The music and songs by Amit Trivedi give the serenity and soulfulness to the experience of watching this piece of cinema. The dialogues are fine and there are no problems with that.

Now talking about the drawbacks – there is just one and it is the climax where the murder mystery is resolved. It is something which you can guess shortly after watching the flashbacks – you just need to know how it happens. Even if you haven’t guessed, the climax and its absurdity will make you laugh sarcastically than believe in what storytellers want you to believe in. When a movie does well throughout and fails in the climax, it becomes an average stuff unfortunately. But still, I will ask you to watch this one not for its murder mystery but the problems with modern marriages which has been portrayed very aptly. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.





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