12 April 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Take Ownership of your Bad Times!!!

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Life is not always fortunate. Sometimes it lands you in a scoop where you find yourself at your lowest. As we all have heard it multiple times – Life is all about both– Success and Failure. We can’t just live with success all the time. We also need to accept failure graciously. If we accept it whole-heartedly and take it in our stride, we find life to be special. We understand that when things aren’t working our way, it is working in a divine way. Otherwise we just keep on blaming either someone else for ruining it for us or God or sometimes, even ourselves. But the moment we accept that failures shall also keep touching us every now and then in this journey called Life, we start enjoying even our bad times.


I understand that saying this is easy but when we are going through painful times, it really becomes hard to smile even in loneliness. But shouldn’t we concentrate upon happiness at the times of sadness? During the happier times, life itself takes care of our happiness. Only in the bad times, the responsibility is put on us to keep ourselves happier. The mistake we make is of ruining the phase more for us. Rather than resolving our situation, we end up poisoning it more by adding unwanted ingredients into it. We know that we are hurting ourselves but we don’t stand against it. The biggest and meaningful step is to take our care in the adverse times. Life handles us in every other junction before and after that.


You must have noticed that once we decide that you are the victim of something, the universe starts sending you signal only about it. If you have lost your parent, you will find all the advertisements on television showing the love between parents-children. If you have lost your job, you will find everyone around you getting promotions and appraisals. If you have failed an exam, you will find every cousin of yours excelling or topping in their education. If you are going through a break-up, every other song on the radio channel in your daily Ola ride will be about couples expressing extreme love for each other.


Why does this happen? It happens because when you play victim to the sad situations of your life, universe gets the message that you are attracting more negativity related to the same. It starts sending you the related signals regularly. As your brain is already tuned to thinking and relating with everything with the concerned issue in your life, you also start noticing it immediately as soon as you hear or see anything related to it. Such is the response of Universe against whatever you think. We always believe that our mind is confined only to the thoughts and imaginations we go through. We don’t think that it can impact anything else - not even our body. Unfortunately, the reality is that the brain has some kind of a deep connect with everything around us and even beyond our reach. Hence, it’s really difficult to run away from our sad realities if that is what we are keeping our brain mostly occupied with.


When you are in such terrible conditions and control your mind in a manner that it doesn’t think much about what difficulties you are facing but more about the solutions for it, accordingly, the signals are sent to the universe and you start seeing about the realities which can take you to a better future. And you find that you reach such a blissful future within such a short period of time that you can’t believe how early your problems got resolved. You start appreciating the beauty of life immediately. But all this happens only after you realize that you are on a victim mode and you need to own your mind and life. The moment you change the gears, you start noticing the positive changes around you. Start appreciating even the failures life gives you. Only then you will reach to the solutions and the ideal future you were/are always looking for. I am an experienced person of this and hence I say so. Hope you’ll believe me and start this small exercise for your own good. 😊

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