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1924th BLOG POST

Every one of us have heard about the Law of Attraction; thanks to the Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret”. It tells how when we keep on thinking about a positive affirmatory thing, we end up achieving it in the future. This brings us to the concept of positive thinking. I really liked that concept when I had read it decades back but later on, I realized this is the most basic thing for a person to know when he searches for something motivational or inspirational after growing up. Even if you don’t read the book, by the time you are in your teens, you understand that being positive and thinking good brings better changes in life. But the issue is that no one teaches us how to think and stay positive.


As I grew up and started learning that yoga can help a person stay happy, I found it a completely unbelievable phenomenon. I thought how certain breathing and physical exercises can keep someone happy. How can yoga impact mind? Such questions made me think about this for years. Why? Because I never practiced and experienced it. After certain years, I got introduced to the best thing I ever learnt – Meditation. Now, as a concept, meditation sounds more worthless than yoga. At least, we do exercises in yoga but in meditation, we are asked to sit quietly and focus on our breathing. How can this effect our well-being? Why are we moving back to the ancient India where Sadhus, sanyaasis, rishis and munis used to perform these activities?


But this time I didn’t waste time and thought of getting into the practice. While doing meditation, I got to learn a very good concept – well, it must have definitely been spoken by some yog guru or written in some spiritual books – but I learnt this by myself that the POWER OF VISUALIZATION at the start of your day can really help you get to your imaginary world. You can end up thinking a utopian world which I understand is not easy to achieve. But if this world of yours needs ten things to make it, continuously imagining it in your mind will at least enable you to have five of them in the future. If you are a person who introspect yourself on every stage of your life, you will realize that whatever you have today was in your imaginary world some years back. If you don’t introspect, life will keep on doing great things with you which you’ll keep ignoring and attracting only negatives because of your careless attitude.


Every morning, after my meditation practice, I open my eyes for few seconds and close them back. I, then, go on imagining how I want my day to be for next 2-3 minutes. I think of everything I have in my pending list or something that I wish to complete it by tonight. I visualize all my tasks getting completed by the time I finish my day. If I have thought of spending time with my family or friend, I visualize even that. I leave nothing – even the small facts from my days when I am into the mode of thinking how great my day can be. And I tell you, 90% of the times I have found my day to be exactly how I imagined it to be. The signals that my brain sent to my body and then the aura around me, gave it a certain amount of energy that enabled me to live the day how I wanted it to be. Yes, it happens that I have to wake up till 3 AM sometimes to end my day the way I visualized it to be, but at the end, it has been achieved. What can be better than this?


You must be aware of few people who write morning journals after waking up. It has all the good thought they can think of. Even if there isn’t any, people deep-dive and search for some positivity around them and scribble it down. It settles the tone of the day. It then makes you purposely keep thinking about positive things around you because you have to again write 3 of them next morning. Similarly, they also write all their To-do items of the day. This makes them realize how they need to transform their day to tick mark all of them while sleeping. Some of you’ll ask why you imagine only a day when you can set tone of your whole life and make it perfect just by the power of visualization. You are right. It can also be done. But as you start maturing, you understand that each day makes your life, your one day is not separate from your life at all. An experience of just one day ruins your whole life. Right? So, if you keep on working on just a day at a time, automatically, it reflects on the kind of life you have/had. Life is just collection of all the days you have lived on this planet. Isn’t this so simple to understand?


This technique has really helped me on various levels in my life. Every time I landed up in a problem or scoop, it became easy for me to come out of it because I got back to the power of visualization as a habit to perform the first thing in the morning. And then, my mind made my body do exactly the things which it imagined at the start of the day. My mind just got desperate to feel pleased by the end of the day and not disappoint itself. And that is why it prepared my body and energies for the same. Life really starts becoming easy when you start spending most of your times staying silent and talking to your mind. It has all the bloody answers we are searching for. Go, talk with it.

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