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The Golden Book of Business Presentation Skills by Prajeet Budhale (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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I remember reading Prajeet Budhale’s first book named “Infin-Eight” and I really liked the eight principles shared by the author to gain professional success. This was way back in 2019. After two years, I again get a chance to read a new book by the author named “The Golden Book of Business Presentation Skills” which shares the quick and easy tips to make powerful presentations. The book is of around 120 pages and doesn’t waste much time in speaking what it is meant to. I liked the way author has discussed the topic right from the first page and makes us understand what the book is going to be about.


Author maintains the fact that he is not going to tell us how to make MS Powerpoint presentations but about how to present ourselves while giving a presentation to an audience. Most of us have stage-fright, anxiety or nervousness before we have to deliver any presentation or speech on stage to a set of audience. Author’s effort with this book has been to assure that half of our problems with preparing for our presentation gets over just by preparing in the right way.


The book shares 7 gold standards for developing good business presentation skills reading which I really felt that they are substantial and practical. I have been a student of two Master degrees and even as a professional, I have to present our software module and requirement to my team members and clients. With my experience of giving number of presentations in last 10 years, I found the concepts shared in the book good to know for anyone who is preparing for an important presentation. Every chapter is divided in two parts – “Know” and “How”. “Know” section shares with us the concepts and fundamentals related to presentation skills whereas “How” section asks us to answer several set of questions which makes it easy for us to apply it in our next and future presentations that we are working upon.


I liked how author managed to cover the interpretation of all the key actors in a presentation such as Presenter, Listener and Questioner. Also, it made me think again when author told a reality that our presentation is always meant for one of the three purposes – informing, influencing or inspiring. This is so true because I don’t think we make a presentation for any other reason at all. Author provides a very good formula for building core presentations abbreviated as DIET which talks about using Data Points, impacting the listener, connecting emotionally with our audience and trail close for acceptance. I won’t talk much about it as it’s one of the main parts in the book and I would like you to go through it yourself.


Further, author also helps us understand how to answer the questions of the questioner and audience by using the three critical components of another formula named ARC which stands for Acknowledge, Respond or Answer and Check for Closure. Lastly, author helps us in ways how we can summarize our presentation in the end and gives us a very new perspective where in the world of presentation, the Last Impression is the Impression audience take away with them rather than the First. Such insights by the author makes this book a recommended one for the new business leaders and freshers getting into the world of presenting.


Overall, this book discusses many such pointers, bullets and tabular data which helps us understand the art of presenting. Every sentence shows the author’s experience put into words. I really liked the approach and tendency of the author because it is really a selfless effort in the way this book is written. I would request all the readers who would be picking this book to really go through “How” section by seriously filling it rather than skipping it. It will really transform your outlook towards something you are yourself creating without knowing the importance of it. I give this book 4 stars out of 5. Please go for it.




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