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Values needed for being on the tough path!

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There are moments in life when you have to choose one path out of many in front of you. That one path might not be the best at the moment but then you need to also remind yourself – if you are looking out for Long-term benefit or short-term benefit. Every time you chose something that is meant for short-term benefit, it is less painful and looks brighter and shiny. Everything about that path looks great. You just want to start walking on it and complete your short journey as soon as possible. But the moment you take the difficult decision of choosing the path which takes you to long-term benefit, there are many values that you need to inculcate in yourself. You need to change yourself for good if you don’t have the required values in yourself already. 

This is another challenge in realizing if you already have the required mandatory values or not. That is for some other day to discuss here but today, I would like to talk about the values you need for getting on the highway which has lots of traffic and potholes on it.



You need to keep continuous effort despite several obstacles that shall come in your way to break your spirit. You still need to walk on it because you know that once you crack the jackpot, the life after that is going to be all beautiful, solid and smooth. And who doesn’t dream of a perfect life? I know that perfection might be a myth but at least trying to have a happy and worriless life can be a desire. So, let’s keep ourselves enough strong to arrive at that point where we achieve THIS LIFE – which shall not have the trouble and loopholes that it currently has.



I know saying this is like the biggest cliché of this universe but if you keep wronging yourself at every turn in your way and keep fearing about what would happen next, you would never be able to continue your journey. You will have to think that you are reaching your milestone by hook or by crook and nothing can stop you from being there. I see people questioning themselves so much when they choose something like this that they leave their quest in between which keeps them guilty all their life as they keep regretting why they didn’t pursue it without quitting in between. You need utmost positivity to keep walking in any which way. Hence, work on your mindset to be positive and warmed-up always.



The biggest problem that most of us have is about not having the kind of belief we need to have on ourselves. We can trust many people around us but when it comes to trusting ourselves, we don’t. We think we aren’t that strong or confident enough to carry ourselves through/out this path. But it is very necessary to have self-belief that no obstacle or interrogation in the way can break you. Once you have realized the potential in you, no one can break you on this path. If you have decided something, no one can take away that decision away from you. You are the owner of it. Hence, keep this belief on yourself and walk the path.



There are times when we lie ourselves that let’s cheat on this particular day and we will continue our journey with passion and continuity from tomorrow onwards. You might not know that this particular day was of great importance to you which you wasted just like that without thinking twice. Hence, every time you decide that I’ll not skip a day, just don’t skip a day. The commitment that you made with yourself on the Day 1 with all the angst and passion should either stay constant or get increased every day but you can’t afford to get it reduced at all. This can only happen if you can be true to yourself before being true to anyone else. Understand what you want and work only for that.



Patience is the key in every aspect of your life. You need to have the ability to wait and wait and wait. You can’t expect results or fruits from your sowings right on the next day. You will have to keep watering your plant every day. You will have to keep giving it fertilizers every day. You will have to keep working on it until it doesn’t start producing flowers and fruits for you. But if you water it for 7 days and see nothing happening and you stop on the Day 8, you will lose having a beautiful plant in your life which would have given you fruits and flowers for rest of your life. Similarly, with life, goals and ambitions, we have to be very patient. We might see failure every day but still, we have to wait for that day when we’ll meet success. It all happens only with patience. And yes, you need to work on being patient every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. It comes with lots of practice so keep up with it. Don’t just lose it for a small argument or relaxation.


I hope this post will help you in inculcating these values in yourself if you choose a tough path for your life. People will keep telling you benefits of choosing other paths or leaving the target at all but you need to have that clarity in your mind about what you need to be happy and successful in life. Best of luck for that!


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