14 April 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

Is An Opportunity part of your Destiny?

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I remember watching “The Kota Factory” some days back on Youtube. I had heard a lot about the series but couldn’t find time since all these months to watch it but these lockdown days made it possible last week. Just in the first episode itself, there is a scene where a boy comes to a particular Jeetu Sir and asks for an opportunity. This opportunity would have made him land into a better batch where teachers teach with more concentration and personal will. He didn’t have idea as to what that question paper would be like but he says that I’ll bring this to you within a limited time frame resolving as many questions as possible.


I saw that scene and tried to relate with it. It becomes so difficult when you are in a situation where you can’t repeat your past or play your future the way you want to. You are dependent on a situation to give you a chance so that you can make most of it and change your present and fortune. Few people take such chances very seriously whereas few people just let it go without realizing what it could have done for them. I always believe that opportunity never comes to you but you need to find them. But if such situation arises where the opportunity has itself walked up to you, I believe you need to respect it.


Whenever something bad or worst happens, we put it up on destiny that it was meant to happen this way. Whenever something good or great happens, we credit ourselves. So somewhere, we blame destiny for the things that goes wrong for us. We should also understand and learn to appreciate destiny when it brings opportunity for us. God has given us this life and left it on us to play with it. Because God loves us so much, he just can’t see us doing it all ourselves. So, he keeps on remembering us in between and giving us opportunities to bring it to our use to change our destiny a bit and make him feel proud of us. If we don’t acknowledge such blessings in disguise, I don’t think we should put it up on destiny anymore. We are to be blamed for this. And we need to realize this at the soonest to understand what right or wrong we ended up doing with our lives.


I have seen people getting opportunities and losing it just because of their mindlessness, ego, pride, self-respect, ignorance, idiocrasy, carelessness and many other stupid reasons. If someone thinks that they are bigger than the external factors happening to them, they are wrong. It is your inner engineering that helps you achieve most precious moments of your life. People just don’t spend enough time with themselves to understand what they are and what they can receive from this world for themselves. They want nature to give them everything just because they think they are special. You need to become a special child of the God through your decisions. Nothing comes in a platter. Ever!


In the end, I would like to say that please respect the opportunities you receive from this universe because it really wants you to get away with the current pain or struggle or slogs that you are going through. It wants you to get to the next level. But when you disrespect it by losing this opportunity, universe really gets angry with you. It now wants to work against you for some time until you don’t prove again by your constant effort. Just imagine how difficult it becomes for us after that. Some of you must be suffering from it even currently, so please be cautious and take good steps when you get to see a ladder. Don’t just ignore it thinking that you will get to climb that ladder even tomorrow. There might be no ladder when you wake up next morning. Be smart! May be this evening is the last evening for you to change your life….

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