15 April 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

When your Dreams are achieved by someone else..

1921st BLOG POST

I remember there was a time when I was too crazy to get shifted to a foreign country and live there. Their cleanliness, discipline, rules, skyscrapers and aesthetics used to attract me a lot. As I am an introvert, I have very few people in my first circle. Even those who are very close to me meet very less. This makes it very easy for me to not miss anyone. I stay okay even when I am alone because of my love for reading and writing. This makes it far easier for me to stay alone in a completely new land. But with time and mostly in this lockdown, the thought process changed completely and I understood that this passion of moving out of my country was more for the reason of luxury and money. Now, we understand that we only need essentials to survive. We don’t need a big house, big car, large bank balance. We only need what is basically required to live this life for survival.


Similarly, once I used to dream a lot about owning a company and running it all by myself and providing jobs to people. When I joined my first company 6 years back and saw the founder of our company very closely, I got to learn the challenges of an entrepreneur. I understood entrepreneurship is not about making people to work but you have to work more than anyone else in your organization and suffer stress of the highest level. It really becomes a terrible experience when you are giving your excellent performance by putting in your 200% whereas everyone you are recruiting is giving in only mediocrity. I, as an employee, was going through ultimate pressure but after observing and noticing him closely, I understood that I am having a very easy life. Whatever stress I have is only in the office hours even if it’s getting extended daily but an entrepreneur has it for 24*7. He just keeps on thinking about what’s next.


Such experiences – some internal and external – made me give up my dreams for maybe- an easier or less-privileged life but I understood that this is what is making me stay happy. I understand that each one of us should stretch ourselves enough for achieving the best but sometimes you have to give up when you realize your core is not fighting for it but something else. This may be some side-effect of being spiritual too where you stop fighting for materialistic pleasures and like talking to yourself more than anything else. Simultaneously, every dream around you starts looking small in pursuit of understanding yourself, your existence and your connection with the divine.


But whenever I see someone else achieving their dream which makes them land the job they were aspiring for, getting a college they were preparing for, finding a girl they always dreamed of – I feel so blissed that for some moment, I close my eyes and live their life for few minutes being in their shoes and enjoy the pleasure of their dream. Recently, one of my friend and college junior got admission for MS in Canada and seeing his happiness, I got back to the days when I had similar dreams. And it becomes more special when you see someone else achieving a dream which you also had/have but couldn’t achieve. I don’t feel jealous about it but it makes me ask questions to myself about why I didn’t pursue it further. Am I not as talented as him/her? Am I not as hard-working as him/her? But then it takes me to the answer of “What I actually want in my life at this moment?”.


Seeing someone else living the dream I had seen before shall always be an experience I would die to have. It makes you respect and adore them and simultaneously question yourself and your mediocrity. This makes you aspire for something which you can achieve. This gives you new dreams – new goals – new targets and a new vision to look at life in a certain way. It is self-exploration, self-introspection and self-improvement for me. Hence, I pray and wish that people around me keep having and achieving the dreams I left for some other easier targets in life. May God Bless Everyone Around Me! 😊


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