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Douglas Misquita: "As an author you have to take bold steps..." (Interview)

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I recently read a very amazing book named “Trigger Point” written by a very amazing author, Douglas Misquita. I was amazed reading the kind of information and knowledge the book had along with the story that the author was telling. It was a long book but kept me really intrigued into it. After finishing the book, when I searched about the author, I got to know that he has written many other books too. When I read about all of them, I made my mind that I need to interview and cover him on this space. Hence, the interview is posted below for all of you to read and know about him and his books.


Hi Douglas, can you please clarify if this is your real name or pen name as I got many questions from my Blog readers. :-)

It is my real name. Another surprise: I'm Indian. I was once asked to pay the 'foreigner' fee at the Kutb Minar until I convinced the guard I'm Indian by producing my driver's license :)

Tell us something about what you do when you are not writing.

Um. When I'm not writing, I'm a software product owner with a telecom company. And then, occasionally, I pick up my guitar, get on stage and jam to some ole rock n' roll tunes.

When was the 1st time that you felt you wish to be a Writer and when did you publish your 1st book?

Diwali, 1993. I'd just read Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park. And I thought: Man, that's power - to transport readers, even if for a few hours, into a world of your imagination. I wrote my first book on a 100-page school exercise book. I published in 2010 with Haunted - a Kirk Ingram action thriller.

Tell us something about your latest book - Trigger Point

Trigger Point is the culmination (for now) of Luc Fortesque's adventures. It brings things to a head. It sees the transformation of the 'bad-guy' Luc Fortesque and it's wildly explosive. It deals with religious terrorism and yet it isn't your usual terrorism book. There's a big twist and it has one of my favourite-ever action sequences - imagine a pair of black-clad priests racing superbikes through the twisting streets of Rome! It also allowed me to bring to page my 'biohazard' scenario and no, this isn't fantasy. This is real. It's as real as zombies can get! 

How long did it take you to write this book? 

4 months. Another 2 to edit.

From where did you drive inspiration to write this book as it has multiple things going all around right from the 1st page to the last?

the inspiration came one morning as I was driving to work. By the end of The Immortality Trigger (book #2 in the series), I'd left Luc Fortesque with unfinished business. I imagined he'd have to travel all the way to Germany to fulfil the promise he made to Sabina Wytchoff. And then I thought: but hey, he's got the secret of the Apocalypse and Immortality. You think the world's just gonna let him go wherever he wants? And then I visualised Fortesque on a desolate landscape with several special forces teams coming for him. And that, really was the crux. I wanted this one BIG action scene and everything just fell around it, into place. 

How hard it was to research on this book as it covers multiple countries and their respective socio-economics and other factors?

As you've read the Author's Notes, you know I did read/ research a lot. It wasn't hard; I found it exciting that there was so much happening in the world that I could easily pull into my book. Research is part of an author's job and I ensure my readers are educated and entertained. If that resonated with you, then it's mission accomplished.

How difficult was it to put your words when you were writing about religions such as Islam or Christianity as we know people get hurt very easily these days?

I told one of my beta readers: this is the most nervous I have been. I read and re-read those chapters and tempered my language best as I could. There's even a disclaimer. Eventually, there's just so much I can water down beyond which I've lost the crux of the story. A reader can spot if the author is holding back his / her punches. As an author you have to take bold steps, you have to mature, and you have to balance all of that with your readers' perceptions. I think I've managed it, don't you? In fact, don't you feel that the twist in the plot informs readers that I mean no offense? What's in the book is a reflection of real world religion-politics.

How soon are we going to read the next book in the "A Luc FortesqueAdventure"?

Not for a while. I've got a Escape Book#2 due out end 2021/ start 2022. Then there's my long anticipated 'Indian hero' series which I'm very excited about.

Any words for your readers who have been inspiring you to write since your 1st book.

Thank you, really, for sticking around and giving me the opportunity to entertain you again and again. Your loyalty is something I don't take lightly and you can trust that I'm always striving to outbeat the previous book. Thank you. Again!



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