4 February 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Scent of an Undiscovered Writer by Callre (Book Review- 2*/5) !!!

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The biggest risk as a reader is to pick up a debutante’s book of an Indian writer. This time I picked up a book having a very unique title as “Scent Of An Undiscovered Writer”. It is written by Abhishek Mohta under the pen-name of “Callre”. The book is published by Notion Press and is of around 240 pages. The name of the protagonist is the name of the author himself and while reading the book, I felt that I am reading author’s own autobiography itself. Many a times, a person believes that his story is very interesting and worth sharing and those interested in writing, scribble it down and self-publish the same. But the kind of thrilling books getting published these days, it is very hard to attract readers with such autobiographical stuff. 

This book does not carry a story as such but timeline of life of the protagonist divided into different chapters. Thee book is written in a very simple English language. This book is strictly for readers from small towns or who aren’t very much exposed to English language because it carries a lot of grammatical and spelling mistakes. It will not go very well with the avid readers. Also, the book consists of lots of conversation and it is written so plainly where many of them directly gets over with a person saying “Okay”. Few conversations are interesting to read but mainly, it is not quite appealing. 

This book is sort of personal diary of the author and hence, it could not interest me as the book does not have focus of any particular thing. The characters are not very deeply discussed in the book and introduction of new characters keeps on happening which doesn’t let the reader get connected with any of them. Few chapters are totally out of the line and I could not understand why are they even part of this book. Overall, I would say that the book needed lot of work and I hope that author will bounce back with his 2nd book after going through the kind of books getting published in Indian market these days. I rate this book 2 stars out of 5. 



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