4 February 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

I Tagged Her in my Heart by Anuj Tiwari (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

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Though the Indian readers are currently trying different genres but how much the reading tastes might change, the books on love and romance will always have its audience and there is a certain target audience in which the books will surely do well. Getting into the readers’ favorite list in India is very tough where 1000s of books are getting published each day, surprisingly. Anuj Tiwari has been one such writer who has managed to thrill his audience since his debut work. I am just done reading his 4th book- “I tagged her in my Heart”. Reading the title of the book it suggests that the story must be having some connection with the Social media but it is nowhere related to that. 

Anuj Tiwari’s writing style is similar to how he had narrated his story in this 3rd book named “It’s not right but it’s okay”. The positive for Tiwari’s fans is that his command over the English language has improved in multiple folds. Even the narration of this book is a bit better than his previous book. The way author has been able to integrate so many characters in the book is applaudable as maintaining each of them with the continuity of the story is not that easy. Though, personally, I felt that author did not handle each character that effectively and ignored most of them while concentrating only on few of his favorite ones. Also, I believe that few characters are given too much focus in the 1st half while another sect of characters are given importance in the 2nd half which makes it difficult for the readers to connect with any of them except Adrika. 

Author promotes his book with the character of Dimpy aunty but I think the character is not very well-managed. It could have been better. This book is said to be one of the inspiring stories but I believe that leaving the pre-climax and climax, the book cannot be sectored into the “inspirational books” genre. Talking about the plot of the story, the book starts slowly in the beginning but takes a very good pace in the middle which asks readers to continue turning pages and know what happens next. The book is basically portraying the power of relationships that one maintains in life and does very good in making the thought reach the reader’s mind. I believe that the book could have been 15-20 pages less as author has elaborated the break-up of one couple a lot in middle pages. Overall, this book is not as good as “It’s not right but it’s okay” but still matches Anuj Tiwari’s style. I rate it 3 stars out of 5. 



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