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"I'm an Average Looking Boy… Will You Be My Girlfriend?" by Roopesh Kumar (Book Review- 3*/5) !!!

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There was a time some 7-8 years ago when people liked the books written by Durjoy Datta because it took you in a world where you could feel yourself sitting in between of a college or school and watching all the boys and girls around you hooking up with each other. It took you to a world of fantasy where romance and sex used to overpower your emotions and feelings. I recently completed reading a book the title of which is somewhat how Durjoy’s books used to have “I’m an Average Looking boy … will you be my girlfriend?” written by Roopesh Kumar. The title of the book is quite cheesy which author should have avoided because it’s hard for readers to share the name of the book with anyone and also feels shy in letting anyone know the name of the book he/she is reading. 

The narration of the story is very nicely managed by Roopesh in his very first book itself which tells that he is ready to write many more books getting better with each of them. The story of the book is also engrossing which keeps you interested as you want to know what happens with each of the characters. The author has included lot of characters in the book which makes it even harder to give equal justice to each of them but he manages to take all the characters ahead in the story. This book is very good for the audience who are either in junior college or just joined their Graduation course as they will find it relatable. 

Author has tried discussing many social elements too. There are parts in the book where author discusses some segments which is hard to believe as generally, such things are not possible in reality. E.g. a girl’s father accepting the baby she produced before marriage, a wife giving divorce to her husband within 6 months itself because she comes to know about his husband’s love story etc. These narratives make the book look silly in intervals otherwise it’s an interesting stuff to read. I give this book 3* out of 5. I am looking ahead to Roopesh Kumar’s next book. 



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