14 February 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Love and Valentine!!!

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         Valentine's Day is an opportunity for lovers to express their love through many ideas that they had in their mind from days. There are many history regarding this day and I do not want to delve into it and bring out my theory. It's a day of celebration and I wish everyone who has ever been serious about any person gets his/her partner forever and they build a great epic love story ever to leave an inspiration behind. Love happens eventually and its entrance in life changes the flow of thoughts. The person comes in between everything that you plan. When you are along with them, you do not think of your dreams and future. When you are not with that person, you think of how to be with them. When you are about to meet the person, you think of how to make the date and meeting special. When you are planning something, you plan keeping the person in mind. Everything revolves around that person.

            Love never dies. It is a cliche but everyone who have ever fallen in love will agree with what I am saying. Yes, obviously, the partner changes for good if the love doesn't blossom in the right way with him/her but the feeling stays with you. It shifts to the other person who enters your life at the right time after that and makes you forget the last person you were in love with. And you wish to get settled with him/her before things get wrong. Yes, love makes you insecure. Love makes you negative. You always fear losing the person. And it sometimes lead in making you do things that you shouldn't and later on, you are left to blame only yourself for the absence of that special person in your life. Love, therefore, becomes cruel at times too.

            Love is expected to do always good to you but it is not that particular about its execution. It changes you as a person overtime. And when it makes you a better person, understand that love is meant to be the base of your life. But if you find your unwanted traits haunting you every now and then, understand that love is acting hard upon you or either the person whom you have selected to bestow it with isn't appropriate and you need a better partner. Love is looked as a bad habit by the previous generation in every era which leads to lovers committing activities which shouldn't become the way of achieving this power that can be used in more effective way for your survival. But with time, love has got its importance and even the fight for gays became prominent because of it. "Nobody should be forbidden from feeling this eternal soul-refreshing act" has become the ideology of this generation which is great. 

          Loving is similar to identifying yourself over time. It helps you understand how good a person you are. When you try to sacrifice everything of yours for making your special one feel blessed, it makes you realize how big your heart is and how much you can give in life to someone. The expectation of getting back is what generally fails love in life. And that's called conditional love which exactly isn't love but satisfaction that you need in life through the importance you want from your partner. The person who is really in love never thinks about what he is getting back from the person he is in love with. His whole idea is to offer his life with as much as he can do for this person who has changed everything for him. The emotions, physicality and connectivity that love brings with it is harmonic which takes your soul to a sky which has only the person and you dancing together syncing with the tunes of your heartbeats. I wish every true lover a very Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you get your world of togetherness and you prove previous generation that we respect Love and aren't doing so-called immoral activities in the name of it. Also set an example for the upcoming generation. :-) 



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