1 February 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

1400* BLOGS in 2377 Days with Lakhs of You!!!

1400th BLOG POST -->>

1400th BLOG POST

        For many, it seems that writing blogs come naturally to me but that's definitely not the case even when I am writing my 1400th Blog Post tonight. It gives me nervousness every time I am about to write something and I take my god's name before hitting the "Publish" button. I know I am not a perfect writer or a very great intellectual but the only reason I feel that everyone of you have kept reading my post is because of the true and honest propensity I have towards this medium which helps me connect with my friends and readers and share my thoughts. Through this blog, I only try to write whatever opinion I have about something. There may be many grammatical mistakes and nonsensical solutions that I give on some serious issues but I believe in taking the discussion forward rather than sitting silently and watching the things taking its own speed every day. 

            14 Centuries have happened in 6.5 years and I am sure there are many more to come. When I started blogging, there weren't many bloggers in our country and it was easy to find the audience and prove my visibility. But with time, every other reader who found a blog's link thought that even he/she can write and today, almost every 5th person you know must be writing something on a web portal. This has made it hard to keep your blog's visibility on high and fetch more new readers. I am happy that even without getting into cheap marketing and desperate social media posts, I have managed to retain many of my readers who joined this place when it came into the Blogosphere. These are the people for whom I'll keep writing even if my posts would be read by 50 familiar guys only.

               It has taken me 2377 Days to write 1400 Blog Posts with an average of a post every 1.69 days. It took me 185 days to complete my last 100 blog posts. For each blog that does not contain review, the kind of response that I get, I sometimes feel as if I should just keep writing blog posts every hour to receive such kind of sweet replies but because life is not even that easy, I chose to write reviews and between them a post or two regarding my opinion on some issue or my thoughts about something or sharing my recent achievements. Excess of anything is bad but I have seen that I have a little of my audience who believes in my Movie reviews and other half waiting for a new book to be reviewed by me because of which I am unable to leave doing that. 

            The journey of blog keeps changing its shape time to time according to the current scenario I am writing in and these days, I am in love with reviewing movies which has also given me a great exposure towards movies otherwise before 2 years, I used to watch only 4-5 movies a year. Now I feel my creative wisdom better than what it was couple of years ago because good and bad movies enable me to think how a particular incident can be translated differently through a creative artist's work. I am sure that by the time I would be completing my 1500th Blog Post, the content in my posts shall also change and move into some other direction before it becomes monotonous and avoidable. This is the first century this year and please pray for the next one to come this year itself as it is going to be the bigger one- 15TH!!! 

            Thanks for your support. Without it, this BLOG is just a LOST SPACE in this big world of INTERNET. 

P.S.: I kept the arrival of this centurion post little silent because I really want to celebrate my 1500th BLOG POST which is really going to be close to my heart. 



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