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Review: Fitoor: Confusing Screenplay but artistically made!!! **½

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FITOOR: 2.5/5

        Fitoor's trailer had impressed me a lot and I was looking forward to this movie. Well, after watching, I will not say that the movie is totally disappointing like Sanam Re but it has its ups and downs throughout the screenplay. Film starts off well showing the childhood days of both the protagonists and how Tabu warns the boy of not falling in love with her daughter and stay in his limits. But he soon falls in love with her. Tabu has all the idea of it but she purposely make him realize that he is not of their status therefore even thinking about the girl is crime for him. Her only intention is to break his heart because a man broke her heart years ago. And this is the theme plot on which the whole movie is based upon.

           The first half is little slow but I enjoyed it. Yes, few twists and turns are unexplained throughout the movie but avoiding them, it was a fine watch. But because no character had stern opinion on their doings, the movie kept confusing us in 2nd half. The dialogues are wonderful and I loved many of them. The background music and songs are also treat to ears. The locations and cinematography is great. Kashmir looks beautiful from the camera of this movie. London is also shown finely. But because characters keep moving here and there quickly, you start hating the whole premises of the movie based on multiple locations- Kashmir, Delhi and London. 

           Coming to the performances, Tabu and Aditya Roy Kapoor has been impressive. Aditya wasn't perfect but there was a huge amount of improvement in his acting skills. And doing such an intense role was already a challenge. Katrina Kaif has acted as usual as she does- with no great expressions. But she looks great in the movie in red hair. Aditi Rao Hydari also looked beautiful and impressive in her small role. Rahul Bhatt is also effective. Ajay Devgn is wasted. The biggest problem with the movie is its confusing screenplay and trying to be over-literary in its narration. Otherwise, it's not totally-avoidable stuff. You can watch it as its made in an artistic manner. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5. 



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