8 March 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Happy Women's Day!!!

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         It's International Women's Day and I would like to grab this opportunity to wish all the women an independent and successful life. Those days are gone back when women used to be slaves of another gender who is still considered to be superior. In the city that I live in and in the field that I work in, I see many women leading the world currently and in some areas, they excel far better than the men around them. There is no one who has the ability to ask women what they are doing and why. The men of this era knows that a woman is able to carve her own path and reach the destination before them if they are challenged. The life of women is a thankless job. They are not only performing professionally in a 9 to 5 job but also making sure that everything is fine back at home. And they are still not messing both of their worlds. On the other hand, most men get frustrated after finding themselves trapped between a stressful professional life and ever-demanding family life. 

            My mother asks me to help her at home sometimes and I find myself tired within 10 minutes of doing a household chore where as I find my mother doing more difficult and physically exerting tasks throughout the day yet not forgetting to give me breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner at the right time. I always believe that men are considered to be physically stronger just because women are still not taking this job seriously. The day they'll decide to show what physical power is, men are going to lose even that spot too. In my first job itself, I was interviewed by 3 different persons and all of them were women. It speaks a lot about the kind of hold women have acquired in corporate and professional world. Once, they were stopped from displaying their intellectual and logical skills by not letting them have education but since a great revolution that India have gone through, the knowledge and skills of women is helping the nation reaching heights which it could not have accomplished without their contribution. 

             Many women know what the real empowerment is and their focus is on the right jackpot. I am seeing girls working on their careers but still thinking of getting married and raising kids. I am seeing girls studying, hanging-out but still making it sure that they are concentrating on their health and physical strength so that they can fight for themselves. I am seeing women who are newly married balancing their work life and still being able to prepare lunch for their husband. But it's unfortunate to see few women taking this whole empowerment thing in a different league itself and giving a totally different meaning to the word- INDEPENDENCE. 

          This set of women feel that only smoking, drinking, driving car, wearing exposing clothes, abusing, tattooing, flirting, sleeping around with guys is what their empowerment is. They should understand that no one stops a notorious kid. He is left to take decisions and fall badly some day so that he learns his lesson himself. This does not mean the kid has become independent and do whatever he feels is right according to his own idea of life. Independence is when you decide it yourself when to study, what to study, when to marry, whom to marry, how to marry, where to work, what to work, whether you want to work etc. Independence does not mean divorcing your husband for a silly argument that took place last night and proving the world that you are not here to take anyone's shit. In fact, it proves that you are still immature, dependent and need a sensible person around to guide you. 

             On this Women's Day, I wish that such women who have got directionless and deciphered some other meaning for some very important work learn the right way of doing things and moving ahead in life so that they don't regret in future. I hope our nation will keep getting great contribution by the pretty gender so that we, men, can rely on them and have some fun and chilling times. Haha! 

           A very HAPPY WOMEN's DAY once again. 



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