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Review: Sanam Re: Mat Dekho Re!!! 0

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             SANAM RE: 0/5

     I am neither very romantic nor very rude to either get into passion of love or shrug it off. But few romantic movies or books do effect me for a while and I love getting in that mode for few hours/days. The trailer of Sanam Re and its songs promised a great romantic movie coming for us this Valentine's but unfortunately, there is everything in this movie except romance and love. Divya Khosla Kumar have started considering her a great director after the success of her first movie "Yaariyaan" which turned out to be a hit I do not know why. And therefore we got to see the result of that over-confidence in the form of Sanam Re. 

            Coming to the good points about this movie, the locations and visuals are wonderful. After a point when you realize that movie is not going to impress you anymore, it's only the scenery that you fall in love with. The music is melodious and there are many songs which will stay in your playlist for a long time. Except this, there is nothing I can point out in this movie which will impress you. 

           The story starts off well and there's a flavor of romance in the conversation between the grandfather and the child and even when the protagonist grows up, you feel that once he'll find his love, the story will become more mesmerizing. But unfortunately, director has been unable to give a direction to this romance and gets lost in between the script. Whenever you feel that the story is at least about to reach the average status, a song pops in and breaks the flow. The characters keep on coming and disappearing without any reason. The chemistry between the lead actor and both the actresses never come at a point where you would say,"Wow, what a scene!". It's all plainly done. 

           Coming to the performances, Rishi Kapoor does not have much to offer in this cameo role. Pulkit Samrat has given an average performance- neither good nor bad. Yami Gautam is unimpressive in this movie. In her teen role, she does not look like a school child and someone who is forced to look younger. The real charm and surprise package has been Urvashi Rautela. Whenever she is on the screen, she brings hotness and makes you tempted towards her. She is someone you would remember even after coming out disappointed by this movie which does not have any love story, script and story. I give this movie 0 out of 5. 



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