25 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

What WINNING means to me!!!

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  Winning for me is the ultimate relaxation after lots of hard work and passionate slogs. In a race that I am running, I know that each run counts. I am aware that each bite of junk food hurts. I will manage to do extra push-ups to prove myself that I am preparing hard to win. I will run a minute more over the treadmill to strengthen my calves. I show no mercies towards myself because I know that it's not only a game but it's about my life. The only purpose of my life is winning. Whenever I stand up for a competition, I am not there to laugh with my friends but to make sure that I beat them to prove myself a winner. If our freedom fighters would have fought against Britishers just because that's the only option, we would have still been under the clutches of the whites. Because they dared to go ahead with the sacrifice and strength for the ultimate goal of WINNING against them that we got what several others were striving for from last 250 years.

          My attitude is always of winning but I don't care about the match that I lose because I know it cannot be won again. I start focusing on the next challenge that I am going to accept and do the impossible. I love seeing my mind work better than before when I am about to fight in a mental competition along with other intellectuals. I am aggressive when it comes to pressing buzzer and answer my opinion. I do not care if I know the answer or not, I press the button before anybody else and then make my mind travel into past and remember the answer of the question rapidly asked. This irritates my opinion but I love it because I know the frown on their faces is bringing me close to the WINNING stand. When I am fighting for something that involves me physically, I make it sure that I warm up in the morning, have my food properly and my clothes are loose and weightless. I sweat for days to see myself performing at my best when the final whistle is been blown.

           If I am not playing for WINNING, I am not playing it. I find it cheating when I presume that I am about to lose the game of life. Similarly, I get inspired by myself when I find that every nerves and veins of my body are going to fight today for winning no matter what comes into the way. If I have gone for Driving Test, I assure that I won't get nervous when the RTO officer will sit besides me. If I go for the examination, I assure that I won't panic when I'll find that the compulsory question is out of my knowledge. If I go to the clinic, I know that when I'll take the first dose given by the doctor, I will be fine within an hour and would be back to routine. Winning is confidence, inspiration and a desperate requirement for me. Winning is an attitude that comprises of hard work, belief and compassion for me. Playing with an intention of winning is life else there's no purpose for living. 

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