6 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

A Friend Should Be An Achiever or Leader!!!

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    When you sit in your bedroom and think of everyone close to you, the first people that comes in your mind are the ones who aren't doing very well in life. Why? Because of the concern and love we have for them. These are the first people whom we call and inquire to know about what are they up to in life. If we find that they are still in a phase that's struggling and failing, we try to find some jugaad for them but if we realize that we are of no help to them, we are left with no option except feeling pity. Friends are the motivating catalyst only when you find them doing good in life and hence, we always pray that our acquaintances does well. I love when I see my friends doing better in life. I never compete against my friends because I believe in group development more than individual's. I would love to see me at the zenith but it would be more delighting to see my friends standing equally with me. That gives me a special effect that I have an elite group with me.

           Today, I went to a college to attend their Tech Fest. It was delighting to see my friend organizing everything and being so busy to not even give us time. Before that, when few students from his college came to my college for the promotion, I saw his name on the brochure along with another new friend of mine. I felt so proud of them that they are the Leaders in the zone that they are comfortable in. Actually, they weren't but they made themselves enough capable to lead an event where several colleges would be participating. Similarly, another friend of mine studying in again a different college came to the Tech Fest for few minutes because she was herself busy in organizing her own college's tech festival. Amazing to see all of them working hard towards something that won't give them financial gain but a satisfaction and happiness with which they can perform better in the field that they are really associated in. 

             A friend of mine is discussing with me from two days whether he should join McDonald's on part time or should we take home tutoring after college for earning some money so that he can join a class through which he can go abroad for studies. I love discussing with him what he should do because tomorrow if he goes abroad, I would be the happiest person after his family to see his pics clicked in New York or London. :-) I had a very close friend in my school times who used to see me as his younger sibling while I always listened to him as an elder brother. He guided me a lot about how to study and behave. Today, he is in IIM and whenever I ping him, I never get a reply. It has been 6 years since I am in no contact with him because he is busy cracking the semesters of IIT and IIM. Do I feel bad about this? No. Never. Because I always want my friends to lead and excel. 

           Friendship is one thing that people see differently. Ask me and I would say that for me, its just about being comfortable among your friends. If you aren't, then you aren't in the best group possible. Change it as soon as possible. There are friends with whom you visit mall, have lunch in college, watch movies and play Cricket but you can not call them your friend until they do something in their own life to make you proud of having them. For entertainment, we have television, Internet access and radio. We do not need such friends for it who have nothing to do in life than entertaining you by passing comments on others or creating jokes every next seconds but as soon as you talk about life and future, they abuse you for boring them with the same parent's stuff. Understand that if you are proud to see your friend achieving, someone who sees you as a good friend also dreams to see you at places. Make your friend proud. 



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