25 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Some FRIENDS deserve DISTANCE!!!

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       How lonely we feel some days that we go into flashbacks when we had certain friends who used to be our lives. Unfortunately, those friends aren't part of our lives anymore. Either some of them have moved into some other city/state or got so busy in their lives that they don't have time even to say a Hii to us. But this is not what gives us pain in these lonely moments. What kills us is the remembrance of those friends who left us because of misunderstandings, communication gap or ego clashes. Those were the people we imagined our future life with. We decided that we will keep meeting life long lest how busy we are. But who knew that the relationship was destined to be short term and not something that we would cherish for a longer time? That's what life and friendship is.

          If we will come out of this little depressing lonely world of ours and try to be part of real world, we get face to face with many friends who used to be close but aren't. We feel extremely awkward to even ask them what are they doing these days. The only reason is that we fear they might revert back bluntly saying,"When you don't care then why are you pretending to show as if you care?". We end up shaking hands, passing awkward smile and that's all. A tale which used to be very exciting and cheerful is left with awkward smile and just greetings. Exactly what we do with a stranger on Facebook. Actually, that's better than this because we refer even a stranger as "Bro" these days. That is how life changes and becomes little low when it comes to some friends and friendship.

          But there's a logic to it. Sometimes, in life, we don't find the use of few people and hence, we stop caring what they think of us. We agree to everything they say for adjusting in friendship until we find that the person has no occupancy in our life. If I am stuck somewhere at 3 AM, I know that there are 25 friends who will come to help me. Some times, these 25 friends does not include those 4-5 with whom we spend our whole day with. Hence, after a time we start taking our stand over friendship and thus lose it gradually. We don't even regret it. And it's okay. Life is too vast and sometimes some people don't fit in ours and vice-versa. Today, when I see my old friends with their new circles, I don't even go to say a Hii to them because I know that they do not care about my Hii and Bye anymore. They have got a wonderful life and I am no one to enter it without their permission. 

            We shouldn't feel bad for such deteriorating friendship or already deteriorated. Understand that lives are different, choices are different and both of us don't deserve each other in this life at least. You know that the person is just like you and you had wonderful tuning with him/her but don't stick yourself to it. Move ahead. Understand that we keep meeting people at every juncture in life and in future, we are about to meet someone who is going to prove us that we were made for a better FRIEND-relation-SHIP. The situation that I am talking about does not state that any one of the two friends are wrong. There's no negativism in this. It's good for life. At least we are moving ahead in spite of staling life with the same sort of people who are of no help in turbulence and drastic circumstances. Never ever feel bad for the friends who are left behind for no reason. Don't repeat it in your mind that you liked his/her company. Let the person move away from you. Only then you will get closer to new people and better life. They didn't deserve to be part of your life and you in their. 



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