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GUNDAY- It's more about Senseless Aashiqui!!!

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     Gunday star cast did an extensive promotions almost everywhere on the television and big cities. Movie created a good buzz which gave it 55 crore in just 6 days of its release and got termed as HIT. Now, the producers and fans are waiting for the SUPERHIT tag. As always, film got mixed reviews but most of them are positive which led me to theater watching the movie with my friends. Actually the main reason of watching this movie in theater is my love, Priyanka Chopra. :-) I am her fan from a long period of time and it excites me to see her acting every time I see a trailer having her. I went to Ram-Leela mainly because she was a part of it. :-) You can call me one of those crazy fans going to movies just because of their favorite stars. That's how industry is working, isn't it? :-)

            Gunday is a 2014 Indian action crime thriller film written and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra. The film featured Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra as the lead roles and Irrfan Khan playing the villain. The film starts off in the 1970s, with a young Bikram and Bala, who become gun carriers and coal bandits. They ultimately grow up to become the most powerful goons of Calcutta. I won't say that it's a director's movie because there's nothing that makes you go WOW about it. It's one of those movies that are made for the audiences to watch and entertain themselves rather than go into detailing of each plot and sub-plot. It's all about performances, action, background music and lovely songs.

            The child characters in the beginning makes the movie look extremely good and interesting. Each and every dialogue delivered by them wants you to see them for whole of the movie but then comes Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Ranveer Singh manages to entertain you with every scene that he carries on his own shoulders. Arjun Kapoor has equally contributed in the movie and I would say, after Ishaqzaade, if he has done something really worth noticing and complimenting, it's in Gunday. The chemistry between the two actors makes you laugh and enjoy. The way the action scenes and immediate changes of frames in the beginning just after the two actors are introduced is shown, you want it to go on till the end as actors give their best shot in it. Coming to Priyanka Chopra, she looks extremely beautiful in every minuscule second that she is on the screen. If anyone is really beautiful in Bollywood's current slot of actresses, its Priyanka undoubtedly. But the problem is that she gets so much into the shell of an actress that she does acting in the acting which looks like an overacting on screen even when it isn't. Even the role that she got was of a cabaret dancer who is being flirted by two friends throughout the movie. But still, a little control in the acting is needed when you have the capability.

             I also liked the scene when Irfan Khan enters into the office of Vikram and Bala for the first time and the whole scenario after that. Even the touch of partition is wonderfully embedded into the script. All the scenes on train related to the business of coal is beautifully shot. When Priyanka Chopra shouts at Arjun Kapoor after being kidnapped by him is the best part of the movie. That scene shows the potential she has when she acts at her best. Also the dialogue delivery of Ranveer Singh when Satish Kaushik comes to the hospital after knowing that he is been sent by Arjun Kapoor is his delivery at his best. Another scene when Irrfan Khan burns all the files is extra-ordinary. A scene when Ranveer Singh sits in his car with the gun and finds Irrfan Khan sitting in the next seat is iconic. These are few scenes that I enjoyed. 
            There are few drawbacks too- Two guys loving the same girl- a sub plot that starts with a fun element in the movie turns out to be the main plot is something I couldn't agree with. Also, a serious movie turns into a nonsense suddenly after the two boy finds a girl to woo at and looses its purpose. Vikram and Bala aren't shown after the first 20 minutes working over their business but only fighting after Nandita, their muse. Some scenes are quite predictable which led to fury as story gets weak because of such thoughtless insertion in the movie. Climax is too stretched. After a while, you feel like leaving the theater without watching what happened to the two friends. Climax is itself of half an hour. Period. 

           Coming to the music, background score throughout the movie is amazing. It bounces you off your seat. All the songs are wonderfully shot and choreographed. Songs are the main reason why the movie is doing wonderfully well in its first week itself without having any big name in it except Priyanka Chopra's. In all, Gunday is a watch-able movie- a fine attempt but nothing that will be counted in loss if missed. 



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