25 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Valentine's Month shows that we have MATURED!!!

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   I didn't write anything on this Valentine's Day and people missed reading some aggressive and blunt content from me. :-) I refrained myself from writing this time because I can observe that boys and girls aren't as losers as they used to be. Now they have understood that there are better things in life to do than wasting it upon a person or two, at the same time or one-at-a-time, who are temporary in life and not permanent. I am also seeing that people are okay with having boyfriends and girlfriends but at the end of the day, they reach out to their parents and ask them if they have seen some one for them. If they find that parent's choice is better than his/her, they find nothing awkward in rejecting their choice and going for the parents'. That's how mature and business-minded youth have become today. :-)

          There will always be some exception but let's not talk about those losers today. Still, when I go to theater, I find couples climbing over each other to reach the depth of the throat or whatever. Still I see couples wasting time sitting in garden holding hands of each other and talking how he/she will keep the partner happy for the whole life without knowing what their own tomorrow is. In restaurants, I still find couples eating plethora of food and boy paying the bill generated for the refilling of girlfriend's stomach. But, these are those bunch of idiots who will remain to be the same in spite of hundred speeches by prominent people. I am still like them so why would they listen to me?

          But what I see nowadays in couples is that their target is earning money than going on dates. Their idea is to build something of their own than watching movies every weekend. Their concept is to save money and take policies that will help secure their not-yet-conceived child's future than trying several restaurants of their area. This has increased the amount of profitability from the age group which was known just for following fashion and purchasing bikes. I see people having extremely rich smartphones in their pocket but secretly, they send a mail to one of their client without anyone's notice. I see people surfing Facebook not for chatting but for taking surveys through interesting and hypnotizing chats with strangers. People have started launching the websites of their business plans with the hope that some day they would be entrepreneurs and rock the world than working for someone and listen boss's expletives daily. There is love but it's quite economical and planned today.

          On this Valentine's Day, I was quite happy to see no one's update in my FB Timeline that they enjoyed it with their partner. No one updated status regarding what to gift their partner on the World's Most Fake Day. No one was interested in anything regarding expenditures on this particular day. Instead everyone was attending their respective college, office and business. Amazing! It's good that our generation is getting ahead of the limitations they themselves created. I love when I see the understanding between couples when the boy says that he's going abroad for future studies and the partner happily says,"Go and show the world that my boyfriend is the best". She does not stop him from achieving and living his dreams. Similarly, if girl says that she wants to go against stereotype and do the job that's actually not seen as GIRL's JOB, boyfriend does not say that how can you risk yourself but says,"Oh Yes. Go ahead. It would be exciting to see my girlfriend breaking barriers for the gender". That's the attitude today. I hope this Valentine's month will raise our standard more and we will be more matured by next Valentine's Day. :-)



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nice post... I actually didnt notice all these changes until you pointed out now. thanks!

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