6 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

7 Years Since Then!!!

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   It has been 7 years since that day when I was sleeping till 12 PM of the day, my father came up surprisingly, woke me up, slapped and asked me to leave studies and be back home. He passed several dialogues which meant that I am of no use in future. I knew that I have disappointed my father a lot. Every child has just one dream to make his parents proud. A boy, particularly, wants his dad to be proud of him because mothers are already proud of us even if we turn beggar. That's an unconditional love so let's not talk about God i.e. mothers. :-) My hostel life ended that day. I was back to nothing. My life came to a still and all I wanted was death. I had no motivation, enthusiasm and power to continue. I had no ideas how to get away from the present and make my future. I was left alone to think about what I was and what I am.

          Today, when I look back and think how these 7 years have changed my life, I feel greatness all around me. There is so much positivism now that even if you will ask me to not to get into a zone because it's too far from my present capabilities, I will definitely get into it hiding and achieve the goal and return back. But still I won't tell you that I have achieved it because it would like proving myself. I don't want to prove anything to anyone now. I don't even want people to know about my achievements and progress. I love seeing my self progressing daily whenever I check the diary that I maintain since 2009, I must say. A diary full of positivism, pragmatism and belief. I love scribbling my daily achievements, if any, because it motivates me tomorrow thinking what I was yesterday.

            If you will maintain your Timeline in real life, you will find that you grow mature every minute. And therefore, even when a day passes, if you have not made use of that bit of a maturity which you have achieved, you aren't living the fullest. Life is definitely struggling and competitive but that's not the excuse of not trying and sitting at home and wanting to achieve what only the Successful people do. You will have to get down into the ring and punch each and every competitor to bring yourself into the limelight that shall give you the opportunity in future to excel and grow. I am watching people updating their Facebook movies since 2 days. Even Facebook is concerned about your past, present and future but are you? If you aren't, then its fine to switch away from friends and entertainment and get back to serious work. Once you get into the track, believe me, you will get into situations when you will find that 24 hours aren't plenty for your targets but still you will take challenges and complete it within the limitation of 24 hours. That's how tough you shall become. 

            When I look back to what happened with me on 6th February, 2007- before than and after that when I went into depression for 3 years, I don't feel bad about it. I find it largely motivating and captivating because that has influenced me a lot to become what I am. If I would not have gone through those ill experiences, I would not have tried new things in life to judge myself and my interest. Out of all the judgments, few have worked and the results are in front of you. Today, I don't have anything to hide about my life. I find my friends spreading rumours about me and it amuses me. Because that makes me feel worthy enough to be discussed in the absence. :-) And now I feel that only when a person is been talked about in his absence is the moment when he is seriously doing hard work somewhere. Otherwise, there are already loads of people talking and boasting about themselves. 6th February does not make me worried anymore instead it makes me smile after coming out of the flashback that how far I have come from that hell that I created for myself. I wish luck to all of you and I hope none of you under estimate yourself because of few failures.



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Soulmate said...

This post is motivating and captivating, which is very influencing for the readers, no doubt. It influenced me, or rather, every post of yours has been a treat for the readers. You have earned your success through sheer hard work in the last seven years. Hats off to you for that, Mr. Writer. :-)

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