10 February 2014 | By: Writing Buddha

Lead but make your friends Leaders too!!!

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  The best hang out with friends is to watch a latest release in the nearest theater around. And the most coolest thing about watching movies is the period that we spend after the presentation at the McDonald's discussing what we liked and disliked about the movie. It is then that we get to know about the view of our friends towards movies. There is someone who loves watching action while there would be someone who goes just for songs and item numbers while the 3rd person loves the comic timing in the movie. The best discussion happens when we watch movies like Rang De Basanti, Rock On, Yaariyaan, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara etc. where friends come together and does something revolutionary. We tend to see ourselves in the movie. We wish that if our friend circle could have done something like that how stylish it would be. But ALAS! All the feelings end once the another day begins. We are back to our normal life.

            It is said that a real leader is one who develops more like himself. No, I am not talking about Viveik Oberoi's character in Krrish 3. I am talking about performance. If I know how to dance, I would love to see 10 students developed by me dancing and winning contests. If I know writing, I would love to see 100 real Bloggers around writing wonderful experiences just for the sake of writing and not for fame. Its only when you clone your talent or skills that you get what you deserve. Its just like knowledge- if you don't share it with people, you do not get to learn new things in spite of being knowledgeable and meritorious. Even if you don't possess talent or haven't found one yet in you, still, if you make your friends i.e. team grow, you are doing your bit in empowering the society and its people. No, not that empowerment Rahul Gandhi was talking about with Arnab that day. :-)

            I remember when a competition called DEBATONATORS was announced in my college. It was an Inter-collegiate event. A friend of mine raised her hand for leading a team of 10 classmates in the event. She didn't know how the competition would proceed. As soon as she realized how tough the event is, she started feeling nervous and wanted to back off. At that point of time, I came in and told her that I am with her in the team for debating against any strong opposition. She got back the confidence. We participated with 10 team members, she led strongly, I performed as best as I could have and we reached the Semi-finals. She got a certificate which I insist her is as much as mine as hers. :-) Haha! Recently, I attended 3-days festival of Bharati Vidyapeeth's Tech Fest- MANTHAN' 14. A wonderful event. I love being there because its also my ex-college and actually, my development started there. :-)

           Everyone participates in sporty events but no one goes for IT-related and serious stuffs. I like being where no one dares to go. First- the probability of winning is high :-) and second- I love being smart than being sporty. :-) I made it sure that I will perform my best in the competitions- Presentation Paradise and Debate(War of Words). But I didn't go alone. I asked my friends to participate in Presentation along with me. If I would have been selfish, I had not even informed them about my registration in the event. But I want to see my team, my circle doing the best in the competition than anyone else. Though not everyone was supportive but a friend, Kewal, participated and bagged the 1st prize. He was himself surprised to know that he's a winner. The shine in his eyes gave me the most happiness last evening. 

            Similarly, I forced my friend, Vandana, to participate with me in Debate as only Doubles were allowed. We went and sat in front of two guys. We got the topic where we had to support Health and our opposition had to support Wealth. We pulled it off really well in the time limit of 7 minutes and won the 2nd prize. My dream of winning in any of the two- Presentation or Debate came true. I am considering myself winner even in Presentation because Kewal's registration was because of my insistence. :-) I love seeing my friends perform and win. Even in the Bollywood Tadka, a game related to Bollywood quiz, I and Vandana reached FINALS and secured 2nd position but they counted the overall marks where we fell short. But as we won everyone's heart, I believe that giving 200% is better than giving 50% and winning the competition. My whole college won everyone's heart at Manthan' 14 as we grabbed the ROLLING TROPHY for the second time in row. 

             All I want to say is that we are spending lots of time in just chit-chatting and creating jokes with our friends in college canteens, malls and other public places. It's better to create something sensible with them along with being funny and joyous at the same moment. The tuning between friends is far better than what employees share in an organization. If you can carry your friends with yourself towards any goal, I am dead assured that the task will get accomplished before deadline and in a far better way than you planned. You would have seen how many friends' group post their funny videos on Youtube and wins respect as well as money. Also many ventures are getting opened these days because friends have started taking their circle seriously and planning how to spend their time productively. If you wish to see your friends doing well, it's only you who can take the lead. Be a Leader and convert your friends into the same. :-)



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