15 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Idolizing A Beggar Also Develops You As A Good Human Being !!!

               579th BLOG POST -->>

        When my friends see me writing blogs and crafting stories almost every moment, they ask me from where do I get these inspiration from. Generally, my reply is very genuine. I say,"It interests me so I do it without putting much effort into it. I love forming stories/sharing my views, so I do." Then, as many of them know that I got inspired by Amitabh Bachchan's Blog to start this one and Chetan Bhagat's success story to get motivated to do something extra-ordinary even if I'm not an intellectual person, they ask me how should they chose their idol so that they can feel better in life and they can follow their ethics to grow up. And this is not just the problem for few of my friends but this is the problem for many youngsters now-a-days. They aren't in touch with newspapers and other general knowledge books. What they do almost every time is Facebook Updates and Comments. So, they never come to know who real achievers are and whom to follow to become as potential as them. 

         While selecting an idol, I don't think that the person should be a celebrity. I keep talking to various people- My friends in real life, Uncle/aunties, Twitter friends and Facebook friends about the topics that I feel like blogging after some days. First I gather the answers to all the FAQs that my heart/brain keeps asking me incessantly. When I feel that I got all the answers that I was in stipulation of, I write a blog on it. So, once again, when I was thinking about this breed of people who are facing problem in choosing their idol, I talked to those who had their idols chosen. :-) So, I got various facts which even I didn't know. 

             One uncle said that he was about to get jobless. He was so depressed that he was not willing to face his family and hence he thought of resigning without telling to anyone and shift to the village and do the agriculture-based job which his father was already engaged in. But one day, according to the daily regimen, when the Milkman came to his home, he asked for water. This uncle asked him to sit on the sofa till then as the milkman looked restless. Then, both of them started chit-chatting. And the milk-man told him all the problems that he was facing in life and this uncle started feeling his problems minuscule in front of his. He decided at that particular moment that he will never approach the idea of leaving the things behind and running away from the problems. He started concentrating on his job and in few days, he built a very good image in everyone's perspective about him in organization. Since then, he talked with his milkman related to his problems and he says that "His Milk-man is his idol" because the way he handles life is the best way to do and he gets inspired by him. Now, what can be a better WOW FACTOR than this? 

              Some sees their father as their idol. Some sees their mother. Some sees Steve Jobs while some sees a Beggar who never stops begging even when he is being humiliated and scolded for number of times. Through beggar, many people learn the art of eliminating Ego and Arrogance, and learn to be approachable in any conditions even to one who is trying to ignore you from a very long time. :-) And hence, it is not necessary to chose only the most successful personalities such as Amitabh B, Sachin T, Steve J, Mark J, Bill G etc as your idol. It can be anyone. Anyone whom you feel can change your life in a better way. And the one who brings a revolution in your life and your approach towards life could be considered as an Idol and followed. Like, for me, my mother is my biggest Idol because of the amount of hard work she puts in excelling in each and every field that is possible for a woman to explore. I don't have that attitude. Hence, I follow my mother's approach towards life and try to handle every field once, at least. :-) 

                So, chose your idol if you feel that you aren't getting a good idea to progress and lead your life by considering that the particular person has the kind of approach you need in your life. Try it!!! Currently, I am insisting my heart to take upon Nirmal Baba as my current Idol so that I can learn how to become Crorepati by suggesting people what they are already doing in their life. :-)


           ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU ,even I can be your Idol. :-)

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Aarthi Baskaran said...

good one..!! :) but u inspired me more to start blogging..!!

Anonymous said...

Hummm.. I think, if any1 inspird by NIRMAL BABA...
Aftr few yrs, he wud bcum crorepati, wit d tag of 420..... As lyk him ;-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Aarthi.. At least a loser like me is in inspiration for someone. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha.. Nice anonymous.

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