30 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha


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            There are many questions in our mind for which we don't have any answers. And for some, even if we have one, we don't find it indispensable to get confirmed by others; if our interpretation about it is right or wrong. And that's where the real problem arises. When Anna Hazare sat for his fast for the first time in April last year, there were some Delhi citizens who went to Jantar Mantar to support him. They knew nothing about what Anna Hazare is sitting for. They just heard from someone that it's about eradicating Corruption from our well developing country, and they went and started shouting slogans like,"Anna tum aage badho hum tumhare saath hain". And when, a media person asked a group of boys about what Lokbal Bill is, they were like Is this about Electricity bill or the one which we get from Ration shop below our building.  And, when there's debate about such topics, most votes go on the wrong end because of the lack of knowledge people possess. 

            No one is born with wisdom, but one should try to have knowledge about everything to an extent that he doesn't fool himself later when he is being asked to place his views in public. Recently, one of my friend went for MBA's Group Discussion. He was asked to present his views on Politics. This idiot didn't know anything as he never touched newspaper in life. He replied with his head high,"I am not interested in politics so I would like to remain shut on this". And he is not even embarrassed about it. STRANGE!!! And this is not the case of just this friend of mine, but 75% of youth are interested only in things like IPL, Multi-starrer releases, Chetan Bhagat books and Social updates. One should think that if a junior asks him about something of which he has 90% of knowledge about, and wants to clear the rest 10% by his view on it, he should  be able to give an appropriate reply to him. Out of many such issues, the one I think I should bring some light tonight is about the difference between RELIGION and GOD. Yes!!!

             The biggest emotional connect the citizens have with the politicians while the election is on is because of the promises done on the basis of Religion. Many friends that one has is because of the same religion which results in same kind of living style. If a Muslim guys says to a Hindu that I am up for Namaaz, please wait for 10 minutes, the Hindu guy is like What the hell is this Namaaz? Don't they perform Puja? And why did this guy select to perform this so-called Namaaz at this moment when I'm running short of time. Rather than waiting for 10 minutes and let the Muslim guy return, and then make his doubt clear, he will never ask what the "Namaaz" thing is and will part his ways thinking that the guy is ill or there's something wrong with him. Same goes with a Muslim guy when he is told that I may not come tomorrow as I am going for Ganesh Chaturthi where our Lord Ganesha will be finally immersed in that Holy river behind my compound, he throws a big question mark to himself This bloody guy is talking about Idol worshiping..Hahaha..Such a crap person..Let's stay with my Muslim friends itself than getting acquainted with these strange people.

             See, every Religion says the same thing- GOD IS ONLY ONE. GOD IS THE CREATOR OF THIS WORLD AND UNIVERSE. This is what every Religion speaks about. Every religion preaches that Parents are above everyone. Every religion says that there should be a Teacher in your life and you should respect him/her in any case. Every religion speaks about the Protection of Girls and their body. Every religion speaks about the strength and control the Almighty has. So, there's not much difference in the preaching of different religions. The only difference is the name of "GOD". Muslims call "Allah" their God. Hindus call "Lord Shiva" and "Lord Krishna" their God. Christian coins "Jesus Christ" as their God. There are many other religions who name their God with other names. So, why is one so sensitive about someone else's God? Why does someone gets offended when he sees that the person isn't praying Lord Shiva but settling to read Namaaz for someone called Allah. Come on, if GOD IS ONLY ONE, everyone is indirectly landing at the same spot. Right? So, what's a big deal in this? 

            Religion, according to me is something that we fall into once we are born in a specific family. If we are born in a family where our father wears turban, we become Sikh. If we are born in a family where our father has beard and a topi on his head, we become Islamic. If we are born in a family where our father is not seen in any such identifiers, we become Hindus. And, hence, we don't have any control over the religion we fall prey to. But, while deciding the God that we have to pray to, we should go through the holy books of all the religions and then chose the one which we find more logical and sensible. But, even if you don't have time for such research/readings, at least be proud of the one who created this world rather than the name you pray. And, always, respect the other names of God too. Just because you believe that Allah is the one, does not mean that Shiva or Krishna or Jesus or Gautam Buddha does not exist. And this applies to all. If I believe that Ramayana took place on this Earth, I should also respect the feeling of a Christian who claims that Jesus Christ will take birth once again on the Earth when the world will be about to end. And this is how this world should go.

           Fighting with each other to prove that your Religion and your God is great is very very wrong. Religion has nothing to do with God. Religion just teaches you how to pass your lifespan on Earth. It gives you certain rules to live by. It gives you certain limitations and you should keep an eye on your doings accordingly. God has nothing to do with your religion. God will only meet you once you die, if he really exists. So, rather than fighting for proving that your God is better than his, be sincere to your Religion. I know I am confusing you a bit as this topic needs a better writer than me to prove some hidden meanings. :-) For me, the name of the GOD never matters. When, in life, I was being tortured to change the name of my God, I was so fed up of this bloody debate that I started following SAI BABA who is being considered as GOD by many people in many different religion. So, I found this name to be quite safe to be followed and I immersed in the worship of SAI BABA. And about religion, I do write HINDU wherever asked, and I respect my religion, I try to read it as much as I can. I try to follow it as much as I can. And I do read articles about other religions too, I talk with people from different religion too, and when I find something more sensible in their religion than mine, I act on those principles too. But I make it sure that I don't make this topic a debating one. I keep it as simple as it is. Because for me, GOD IS ONLY ONE, the ways of praying him is different which makes us fall into different religion. And if you have thought of following all the Religion, That Almighty who'll meet you after your death will surely pat your back to be one who loved him so much that you prayed him in all the possible ways. :-) 

           That's all. I hope you understood. 



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Karan said...

Touchy!! Nice 1..

Anamika said...

Truly spiritual !! specially d last 3 sentences in d end...nice..

Anonymous said...

Hey I am back to your posts after a month's break possibly. Exams :P And as always this blog too rocks. Your explanation was apt and with all these years of practice, you have been mastering the art of perfection. My perception is that All the religions are "Roads" and their destination is a "Supreme Power". Yeah that's the word I use because I believe that someone has to be the creator of this universe "God" is a word Humans have coined. I remember my Physics sir asking our class who all are Atheist in this class; a bunch of guys raised their hands. Sir asked them who do you think made this class, this school and the table you'r sitting on.
Those idiots were quick to reply that they don't know the names but these things were made by laborers. Sir then spoke sarcastically " Ohh.. and I thought these things came directly from sky and no one "Created" them. The entire Class got the answer, and so did those guys.

Yaar Abhilash I believe that We must live in a coherent way. We all keep fighting without realizing that we live just a tiniest flash of seconds of the earth's life span.
Lastly, guys when you dismiss other religions and their philosophies, then never in your entire life span will you be able to understand your own religion.


hamaarethoughts.com said...

nice post..
to me a person matters more then religions irrespective of their country ..all these behavioral aspects also depend on environment at home.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Karan.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.. and making it more specific that what u liked the most.

Writing Buddha said...

Hii Pearless Acme, I am so happy to see u again on my blog, bro.. There r many who have lose because of these exams and other issues in their life. Expecting all my favorite commentators to return.. Else, how were your exams? and the instance of the classroom was awesome.

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, where were u till now?

ROHIT said...

fresh writing

sim cards uk said...

I never understood why Christian's can't even agree among themselves. How can I trust a doctrine if you don't even have one that you can agree upon?..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Rohit sir..

Writing Buddha said...

I didn't get you Sim cards uk..

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