12 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

The Devotion of Suspect X by Keigo Higashino !!!

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         It has been a long time since I am reading Indian romantic fictions; yes, some of them were unromantic too, but I never found any book which stated the presence of Crime Thriller into it. Once, I had Prashant Sharma's book in my hand which had something related to a death of a character because of the protagonist's foolishness, but the whole book had no scene related to that killing anywhere after the killing scene itself. So, I was quite disappointed with that. But finally, I got this book on the behalf of Blogadda, which had full-on theory of Crime thriller. In the first 30 pages itself you get to know who is murdered by whom and how. But still, when the police starts investigating about it, you join them in the journey even when you-the reader knows that the murder is being done by whom. This is the most unique way to write a Crime Thriller. It's not easy to write a book which already assures you how its ending would be or what result the ending of the story is going to produce. But, "The Devotion of Suspect X" by Keigo Higashino is one such book that is and will have to be the favorite of all the readers who are interested in picking up a Crime Thriller novels.

              As the book is written by a Japanese writer, you will get to read many new words that are written as it is spoken in their language. This gives you a new flavor of reading. The names of Japanese character may confuse you because it even did to me. :-) The best part about the writer has been his focus on the story without disruption. He has kept the target of the book in mind and then scripted it. The story never lost its flow. Yes, initially, the book seems to be boring till 30-40 pages but once the murder is being done and the characters of police comes into the scene, you start liking the uniqueness the book has in itself. The translation from Japanese to English would have been a great challenge for the translators but they did a great job in doing it. 

             Yes, I would like to say that the book is very slow-paced yet interesting; but if it would have been more faster, the book would have been more interesting. But still, its perfect. The amount of twists it produce throughout the story of 374 pages keeps you knocked to it. This book will not allow you to take breaks in between; that's a different story that I took numerous breaks because of uncertainties in my routine. :-) This is the first book that I read in this vacation and the expectation has risen up. After reading this book, you will come to know why 2 million copies of it is sold out. The simple English, perfect narration, numerous twists, interesting factor, the deepness in the characters of the book, some new words, Japanese instinct, flow of the story and the awesomeness of the writer makes this a perfect Crime Thriller for the genre lovers. Go, get "The Devotion of Suspect X" today itself if you want to know how the police caught the murderer whom you already knew after completing initial pages itself. :-) 




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Anonymous said...

Hmm.. book is not of my taste though but seems worth giving a shot.. - Apurv Verma

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

interesting =)

Writing Buddha said...

Yes U can try it Apurva...

Writing Buddha said...

Semi, just a smile for you. :-)

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