28 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

Karbo Larbo Jeetbo Re!!! KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS!!!

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            Kolkata Knight Riders wins the 76th Game of IPL 5th edition and gets that CUP for which 9 teams fought with each other since 4th April. Who knew that it would be Kolkata in the end? But the kind of Fan Following and the Support that the team had this season was phenomenal. Last year, they lost by Mumbai Indians in the Quarter-finals and had to leave the tournament. But who would have thought that they will return back in this form? Like TIGERS!!! The only two teams that deserved to win this year's tournament were Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders. Delhi had to go back in the Semi-finals because of the Captaincy Skills that Sehwag displayed in the Do-or-Die match. But, Gautam Gambhir emerged out to be the Star Captain of this IPL season. He will be remembered for the Captaincy that he has shown in this year's IPL. And, I personally enjoyed watching this year's IPL because I kicked away the fantasy that I had for Mumbai Indians in IPL season 3 & 4. Actually, I started supporting Mumbai Indians after Sachin scored that 200* in International Cricket. Just to support this man, I started supporting the team. But in the start of this season, I made it final that I won't be supporting a particular team anymore. The only guy that I would be supporting will be CHRIS GAYLE. And what he did is TERRIFIC!!! Tonight, in spite of writing a new post on IPL, I would like to post some of the LIVE TWEETS that I did while the match was on(as each one of them got several Retweets by few kind tweeples).

  • Both the guys standing at the toss have been the Men of the Match of our WC Final who made World Cup possible for us. Respect for both.
  • Gambhir scored 97. Dhoni scored 91*. And that bought the World Cup back in our country after 28 yrs. Let any1 win, I'll b very very happy.
  • Dhoni is our Captain today. Gave us 2 World Cups. Gambhir is the most consistent performer v hv. And d one who can b Next Captain. :)
  • Neither I hv any special love for Kolkata nor for Chennai. So,I hv nothing to do wid d winner bt I want both d Captains to rock vd decisions
  • Looking at only this season, KKR should b d winner. But looking at the whole history of IPL, CSK should b d winner. So, nice Finalists.
  • What??? Sunil Narine is playing tonight??? Sehwag, isn't Gambhir an idiot Captain dt he is playing the best bowler in an important match??
  • Kolkata Knight Riders, last time u reached Semi-finals. This time, you reached Finals. Next time, u'll surely get the CUP. But, dis tym, NO.
  • Suresh Raina becomes the only batsman in IPL to score 400+ runs in each IPL. This is called the real consistency. Salute to this guy.
  • Now as Gautam Gambhir has gone, suddenly the batting side of KKR seems to be a VOID. KKR, now prove urself without him.
  • Overs: 11.1 Runs: 111 Wickets:1 #KKR #GoingToBeNo1 :)
  • Kolkata, v know dat u r desperate for a win. But that does not mean u'll end d game in 18th over. Atleast win it on 120th ball. Please.
  • Some KKR fans were calling this match a Fix too? Right? What is their view now? Ok, so it is ur team that fixed again in Innings break? OK.
  • So what if RA.ONE couldn't do anything for himself, he distributed all his powers among his Players. :) It's RA.ELEVEN now. :) #KKR
  • What a Perfect Finale this is!!! Just Like The Finale of World Cup 2011. The one who was chasing that day won. Same is happening here. :)
  • How many of you are shivering?? And getting a feeling of a Heart-attack?? I am.
  • Is this match fixed for a Super-over? Then I am with Match Fixing.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders kicked all the critics they have. My God. What a Champion team this is. Won all the Respect. Of Each & Every One.
  • Bisla and Kallis are the Men of the Match. They are the one because of whom They were able to bring heat in Captain COOL. Magnificent.
  • Chennai Super Kings, u haven't lost this one. You r d team who defeated MUMBAI and DELHI. You r not just lucky. But also Hard-working.
  • And, Chennai, u didn't let Kolkata win this one easy. They had to struggle. This is enough to prove the power you have in yourself.
  • Shah Rukh Khan!!! Finally you got the result for what you were waiting from five years by investing Crores in this business. Congrats!!!
  • Just one thing for passionate fans of Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders, the moment ur team starts getting fucked, dont call it a FIX
  • I had tears in my eyes when India won the World Cup. Today, I have it once again, but bcoz of d tweets that KKR supporters r posting. #Cool
  • Kolkata- The City of Joy is really joyous at this midnight hours. Their city has won the Best Domestic Cricket Tournament tonight. Cheers!!!
  • And Chennai, u had to lose this one. You had to prove the World that your team isn't BCCI's favorite. So, I liked that u lost. :)
  • Wow. SRK apologized everyone for the misbehavior that he did at Wankhede. This man knows how to win hearts. SRK, u r better than him. :)
  • Chasing 150 and winning the CUP would have been so cheesy and childish. Chasing 191 and winning this is the Sign of the REAL CHAMPIONS!!!
  • Kaash.. KAAASSSHHH ye Eden Gardens mein hota aaj. Seriously. #IPL
  • All the KKR Fans who have been with their team right from the First IPL would have cried tonight. For sure. If not, go for a Check-up plz.
  • Some where, Virender Sehwag is rubbing his dick and periodically hitting it.
  • And, some where in Mumbai, Sachin Tendulkar is rubbing balm on Bhajji's ass which is being kicked by MCA Officials secretly.
  • By the way, Shibani Dandekar, as u r jobless for next 1 year, can u please work as a Freelancer to me by completing my Assignments till den?
  • Leave the last ball matches, but I am going to miss the awesome anchoring of Gaurav Kapoor for next 10 months. This guy is so perfect. #IPL
  • And Our Dear Navjot Singh Sidhu, you will be missed more than the "LIVE" that is being displayed below the logo of Set Max. YES !!! #IPL
  • And one more, Some where Kirti Azad is eating lots of shit and breaking his fast against IPL. :-) (And Crying like hell).
  • The Total Number of Sixes in the IPL5 is less by 1 than the runs that CHRIS GAYLE scored. :-) 732 Sixes in IPL. 733 Runs by Gayle. :-) #IPL5

               So, it's all. And I would really like to applause Mr. Dhoni. He is terrific. Seriously. And, in other news, Arjun Tendulkar has scored the Maiden Hundred of his career yesterday by hitting 124. :-) I know, your heart missed a beat. :-) And, my heart goes to all the Kolkata Knight Riders' fans. Never saw supporters like you. 



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Anamika said...

oh wow again in mrng..well i read dem live bt its like d ipl repeat telecast...well Abhilash i enjoyed d post n offcourse awesome tweets..even u rocked..yaa yaa dey wonnnnnnnnnnn...n i'm happy :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anamika.. And, u know, this is the first time I am posting my tweets in a blog post even when I have written a blog post before too about which I even tweeted. But, I knew that everyone will write on the match.. So thought of doing this ratehr than writing a post.

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