19 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

When your life becomes an IPL Tournament !!!

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             IPL Season 5 is about to end. Yes, many of you have started feeling sick and dry. I know. The irony is that "Cricket is Religion in our country" but IPL is above Religion as per TRP reports. :-) Chris Gayle's batting, Dale Steyn's bowling and Delhi Daredevils' all-round performance excites a vigour within us. We don't want to be left behind after seeing such performances. We wish if we were these Cricketers and we got a chance to explode the field by our magnificence. All of us want to be the reason for those noise that is being created by the people dancing in the stadium. While watching IPL, something came into my mind. It happened some 1 week ago and since then I'm observing the matches carefully and trying to relate it with my thoughts. I feel that IPL matches are similar to the way we live our Life. And the observations are pretty interesting. 

            Every time we are about to enter into a new phase of our life, like the first day of college, first day of Office, the day we are about to get married, we are as nervous as the Opening batsman is. And like the first bowl of the match, when the events start coming towards us, we, as a batsman try to face it as intellectually as we can so that we don't get clean bowled in the beginning itself. And sometimes, when we see that the situations are in our control, we try to dominate others just as the fast bowlers like Dale Steyn and Malinga does. And when we see that we have won in taking someone's wicket i.e. we turned out to be successful in making someone do what we wanted him to do, we celebrate it. And we don't celebrate it alone but we do it with everyone who had the same target for that person. :-) 

           When you win an Award or Appreciation from the person you admire, the moment is no less than a DLF Maximum. And some times, when you know that what you dreamed is coming towards you but its too far, you run towards it to catch it and be the Karbonn Kamaal Catch winner. Example: If you have a crush on a girl who's very popular in your class, and when you see that she is alone for some minutes, you run quickly towards her so that no one reaches before you. And when you succeed doing it, you become a Karbonn Kamaal Catch winner. :-) In life you require friends because all the situations of your life is not in your hands. You can bowl the best swinger to your life, but if it plays a big shot, then you have no control over it, only your friend who is standing on the boundary can catch it and give you a wicket. :-) So, friends are important in life. At least, your circle should have 11 good friends. :-) 

           And you always need a girlfriend and 2-3 other girls in your mobile's contact list to flirt just because you want your success to be celebrated by someone of the opposite gender. Hence, these girls play the part of Cheerleaders in the IPL of your life. And, you can't play with your life until and unless you don't have money right from the first stage when you were no one. Your parents are your owner just as every IPL team is owned by some or the other billionaire. The auction which God hosted, your parents bid for you and got you in their team. Now, it's your responsibility to give them the worth of the money that they are investing in a Debut player like you. :-) After working hard, when you see that things are not happening as you planned it, you take a short break to re-think about your goals and future plans. Like, sitting at home for one year after Graduation to judge what you are good in and in which subject should you do your Post-Graduation in. That's the Innings Break of your life. And when you get vacation between your semesters, that's Strategic Time-Out. :-)

         Some times, you want to be good with people but people judge you incorrectly. It's as similar as the judgment of Umpire when he gives Not Out to the bowler who clearly dismisses the batsman by making his ball touch the batsman's pad before his bat. :-) So, rather than over-reacting like Munaf Patel, you will have to take those wrong judgment against you positively and work hard the next time you are going to bowl the next over of your life. :-)

             Some people take all their life to achieve their childhood dream. They have a very good average that makes it possible. But, as life is very short like a Twenty20 game, you will have to keep your Strike Rate striking. :-) Some times people may under-estimate you and they may not give you chance to do something that only you deserved. Example: I was never made Prefect or Captain in my school. :-) But that does not mean that you will lose the hopes. As Chris Gayle wasn't taken up by any owner in IPL4's auction, but later when he returned as a part of RCB's team, he scored 2 Hundreds in that season. :-) So that is how you need to show your performance quality when you get an opportunity after the black days of your life. 

             Some times the whole concept that was being established by you may get into someone else's hands and he may enjoy the fruits instead of you. So, rather than getting depressed by it, you should still behave like Lalit Modi and be as powerful as those people enjoying fruition on your hard work. :-) And age makes no different in the performance of an individual. You may have heard your parents saying that they have grown old just at the age of 40-50. No, you don't get weak with the age. Sachin Tendulkar was the Orange Cap holder in IPL Season 3. Rahul Dravid has been in the Top 10 Batsmen who have scored Highest Runs in this season. So, never get demotivated by seeing more energetic and young people preparing for the same race that you are about to run. You are as good as those youngsters.

             So, these are some of the similarities that our life has with the game of IPL. There are many more but I don't want to make this Blog lengthy that none of you read it. Now, just as Bangalore recovered in the last season after 3 continuous defeats and won Seven Consecutive matches after that, you will have to keep performing with the same attitude in your life. You will have to try to win all the three medals of DLF Maximum Sixes, Karbon Kamaal Catch and Man of the Match in the short-term goals of your life. In the long-term goals, you will have to assure yourself that you will get Orange Cap, Purple Cap and the Trophy even when you join the race of life at any point of time. And remember, when you die, make it sure that people sitting to talk about lives of many people make sure that they talk only about you as some players confine Shibani, Archana, Sidhu, Sameer and Gaurav Kapoor to talk only about them in the Extraaa Innings. :-)

                That's all about my observation how our life is similar to the IPL Tournament.


  ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU I hope you will not ban me for 5 years as MCA officials has banned SRK from entering in Wankhede. :-) 

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Anonymous said...

Nice perception. :-) Nice Execution. :-) - Apurv Verma ( @bugging_boy ;-) )

Rohit Yadav said...

We cannot ban SRK in his own ground (in analogy to ur post). Btw.....observations in depth....... :-)

Anamika said...

ufff ufff ufff !!!!!!! kitna sochte ho hey bhagwan !!!!

Sandeep Kanabar said...

Awesome post buddy !! Love reading the analogies between life and IPL :-) Itna saara socha tumne..he he he.. the best was the friend's analogy wherein u need a friend to take catch and GF resembling a cheerleader..he he he :-)

Keep blogging dude.. you may never know who will fall in luv with your blog.. you may even find your LOVE in that way :-) [i mean thru ur blog\

Anonymous said...

just awesome dude...!!!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Apurva. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Rohit, for identifying the depths in the post. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Anamika, bas dimaag kabhi kabhi chal jaata hai mera bhi. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Sandy, it has almost been 3 years that Im here writing, writing and writing. :-) Havent got anyone still. I hope Ill get in next 10 years at least. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

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