26 May 2012 | By: Writing Buddha

I Hate YOU, But I still RESPECT You !!!

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          Life is unpredictable. This is known to all of us. Today, if we like someone, it is not necessary that we would be fond of the same person tomorrow. Situation changes, so does feelings and hence, our judgement about the person changes. I don't know how fixed Bigg Boss reality show is, but we can see in it, the one who share the best bonding initially, starts back-bitching about the same person once the time passes. And the one whom you hate initially, may turn out to be your best companion later on. So, this is how our relationship changes. But, how many of us still respect the one whom we leave behind? How many of us still points out the good qualities that our previous companion has? We start seeing the negatives in the person, and even if there's something sanguine about the person, we mold it according to our views about him/her now, and share it with others saying that the person is vapid and uninteresting. 

          We see that our friends break up with their long-time partners. But when they were in relationship, you used to hear their long boring description about their partners and what happened when they went to their date last weekend. But as soon as their partner dump them/or they find someone better than their partner, they start talking everything that is ill about him/her. Even if everything is fine about them, he/she will dig the well and find something that's inappropriate about their ex-partner. This is something that I'm unable to tolerate. How can you be such a loser, buddy? Leave this. Once, after the break-up, when they get together after some time, they start the appreciation again. Buddy, are you the same who called your partners with different names some weeks ago? 

            I read it many-a-times in Newspapers/magazines that after Sonu Nigam broke up with his wife for a short time, he was the only celebrity at that point of time who didn't speak anything ill about her. Else, every celebrity was busy maligning their Ex-partner or Ex-husband/wife. And the same was the case with his wife. Once when Sonu Nigam met with an accident, her wife was the first one to call him and be at hospital even when they were not together. And therefore, I respected the couple more than anyone else in industry. And see, they are back in relation. :-) So, this is how everyone of us should be. Even if we break up with the partner, we should ignore talking bad about them. It's better to speak nothing than talking bad. Even I do this, but I'm trying to improve myself and hence I'm suggesting everyone of you so that I can get a company with which I can improve myself easily. :-)

             Secondly, if you have a problem with a person or the person becomes bad to you, how come other factors relating to him/her turns stupid? This is really strange. Suppose you broke up with a friend who's in a different college, and someone asks you "Hey, what about that friend of your's who studies in that particular college?" and you reply,"Ohh, you call that stupid building and campus a COLLEGE? Are you fucking joking with me? That's not a college. That's a Dagdi shala(as we call it in Maharashtra :-))". Now, this is really sick. Anything associated with that person becomes a VOID for you. Come on, be matured and grow up. Still, I haven't abused the city, college or anything that is associated with my EX. :-) 

           Like, you would have seen that some people don't like the things that Chetan Bhagat speaks on nation and his solutions on how the problems can be tackled. But, as they started hating Chetan Bhagat for this, they even term his books as "Toilet-papers". Come on, you are a fan of Five Point Someone, don't try to over-act. :-) Same with Aamir Khan. If you hate his falseness, abuse him. Not the show- Satyameva Jayate. So, why does your hatred targets the product, intellectual property or a creation developed by the person you hate? Be specific, at least to yourself. Keep your hatred up to the person who ditched you or dumped you or broke the relationship with you, not with anything that he has produced or he is related to. See Salman Khan in this context. He hates Shah Rukh Khan like anything, but whenever he is asked about his children, he is there to talk sweet about them. He says that he is ready to do anything for his children, but for Shah Rukh, he don't even want to see his face again. Keep your approach exactly like Salman has for the things that is associated with SRK.

             So remember, the relationship has not worked. The person is wrong. But, that does not turn him/her into a complete different personality. He/she is still the same. Keep your peripatetic mind in a stable position. Think with a focus on your thoughts, not with an atrocious attitude of being nefarious with the person who is left behind in your life. THINK !!! Even I am trying to get better in this. :-) 



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Anamika said...

i don't knw wat made you write dis one...Totally agree n i'm happy Abhilash dat u've attempted dis n done justice wid d thought...Respect !!!!

Diwakar Narayan said...

I agree with you on this..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anu. I am happy that u liked this. :-)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Diwakar sir.

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