3 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Cricket, Politics and My Life !!!

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        So much is happening in the world except I and my progress. I am sitting on the same seat with the same proportions of movement in my emotions, sentiments and excitements but some happenings in the world are exciting me too much. Today, Ireland won against England. It wasn't a win-win match for Ireland but they showed the world that rather than being pretentious and ostentatious, start putting on effort and turn the world upside down with the power you have never ever tried to bring on into movement and existence. Kevin O Brien, a batsman from Ireland played divinely and created a record of scoring the fastest century in the history of World Cup by completing the same in 50 balls. Move few days back and remember the match between India and England. Everything related to the match started trending on Twitter a day before the match itself. On the day of the play, Sachin scored 120 off 115 balls and showed his power of excellence to the world in an austere approach but Andrew Strauss didn't fragile to see the score and knocked more than 150 runs himself and his team of boys dared to Tie the match. This match is the Top match where the highest runs are scored in a day in the history of World Cup. With the last century, Sachin became the man with the highest number of centuries in World Cup.

              So much in the world of Cricket is happening. Many semantic or you can say poppycock things are happening in the politics of India and the new announcements made into it. Recently, Mamata Banerjee announced the Railway budget and it totally sucked. All the previous promises are yet to be completed and there are few dummy promises kept before the sentimental public of India again. I hope Mamata Banerjee knows that Ye Public Hai Sub Jaanti Hai. All the work and beautiful announcements are made just for her territory - West Bengal and very few are meant for the other states. No safety measures have been announced for Mumbai Local which was a main concern and which can't be ignored in this budget. But I liked 1 thing that she didn't raised the prices of tickets of Mumbai Local. It's a dream price to pay just 15 rs to travel CST from Panvel. I just can't imagine anything so economic and balanced according to the pockets of poor. 

              Pranab Mukherjee also came up with new budget of 2011. Many insouciant prices have been passed which pellucid-ly shows that people are not taken into priority while forming the budget. These politicians always think about their pocket and surrounding involved near them which pushes the money into their pockets. Their parlance almost indicates that there's a huge number of diabolism in their attitude and mindset for people. Indian people can't take steps like Egyptians and Libyans. We are the people who can just watch the show going on with an incredulous story which revolves around the main character who is eating people like Dinosaurs and sucking their blood like Draculas and biting them like dogs. We, the people, are getting trapped into it and being the victim each time the devils come out from their resting caves.

               Something is happening in my life too. I have already told you about my Win in Traditional Day and My class's cricket team being 2nd in Finals. After that, we had Volleyball match and I was selected as Captain. We played a good game in the first round and thus entered Finals but due to the lack of practice, lost the Final game but still we are Runner-Up team and the Trophy will come to my house as I was the Captain who lead the team. ;-). The next day, I had Carrom Doubles where Siddhesh accompanied me. We played 3 Rounds back to back and came into Finals. A great strokes by the fingers of Siddhesh was shown in the Finals and we won the Carrom Doubles. So, I'll be getting the certificate for being the winner in Carrom Doubles too. This year's College Fest Days has been wonderful for me. Unfortunately, I also participated in Singing Competition and I did a great comedy show. I sung in the style of Himesh using my nasal strength and moved my hands as he moves while singing. Students enjoyed and so did I. So, over-all I think I am the only child in my class who participated in the highest number of contests. Thanks to the Almighty and my Mother for encouraging me and letting me perform in each and everything possible. 

               I know I'm irregular on blog still even after promising a lot but I can't do anything as lot of hurdles are coming in the way which are not letting me to maintain the velocity flow in consistency. Tomorrow I have lot of assignments to complete and then I have my Unit Test on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with 2 papers each day. So, I still can't commit about blogging but I'll surely try to connect with all of you.




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Priya said...

Ireland Vs England was a great match.The nxt match wth India should also be this interesting but India should win.
You have to learn to maintain balance in all your work be it studies, sports or blog.
So all the best.

hens night said...

Cricketer's life is very interesting.the cricketer is working very hard.they played of the honor of the country..

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Priya for the advise.

Writing Buddha said...

Right.. Hens night.

hens night said...

I am 24 years old. I am loosing my career, my relations & any other. I don't understand yet them (6 members of my neighbours). They want to kimm me. but I can't prove that. All the members who joined in this politics create misunderstand me. Now I live like a unusually life. But I am forgetting this. & get the start to become famous by earning money & by contact peple. But I want to know that what is the end of this. They will harrase me my whole life. I don't know about psychology. So I will bear their such harrasment.

Writing Buddha said...

Wat happened to you hens night?

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