8 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Women Makes Men but Men Kills Women !!!

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        I have a problem in my eyes from last 2 days. Tears keep rolling on and I keep pressing and rubbing my eyes. It is soaring and its hurting. I was cursing it until my mother came and applied some DadiMa ke nuskhe on it and it worked after some hours. She went to the medical and bought an eye drop and from last 50 hours, she is continuously serving my eyes at periodic hours so that the pain doesn't increase and the soar in the eyes gets lost. How can you think of your life without Mother? Even, recently, there was a marriage in my family. I and my father returned in night but my mother stayed at the place for the next whole day for other rituals and customs. Both of us, I and my father were sitting idle for the whole day. We had no work, no talk and nothing else to do except glaring at the clock and calculating our best to see how many hours has been passed since the main member of the house is not with us. As soon as my mother came at 7.30 PM in the evening, both I and my father started complaining her about her being late and being careless about us. Actually, that wasn't the complain concerning her carelessness, it was an indirect message that we missed you a lot and we feel that you didn't missed us because you were happy in the marriage ceremony without us. This is the importance of a mother in our life.

              A boy comes home with a disgraceful mood from college and directly enters his bedroom. He don't want to share anything with his parents because they are a generation older and the boy has no chance of getting a positive reply from them. He is waiting and waiting for someone. He has messaged someone in a big big hurry. Reply has been received and he is just ready to response to the door bell. Soon the door bell clamored and the boy ran towards the door. He opened the door and finds his sister standing with an exclamatory expression in her eyes. He signalize her to come to the bedroom. As soon as she came in the bedroom after getting fresh and meeting the parents, he hugged her and started weeping. He told sister how he proposed the girl he liked in his college and got a rejection. Sister hugged her, gave him her shoulder to cry and convinced him for a happy life by telling him how bad girls are and how bad they think and even tell him that I am a girl but still I am against these attitude of girls. Boy starts smiling and promises his sister that he will never cry for the same girl again. What if the sister would not have been present that day? Where this boy would have gone? He would have red-carpeted himself into a ball of depression. This is the power of a women who can stop the men from entering the depression and the life of comatose.

              We have women in the form of Mother, Grandmother, Sisters, Wife, Daughters and Friends. Each form of women is so pure and enriching that they become need of your life. Mother for love, Sister for care, Grandmother for decisions, Wife for support, Daughters for scolding you on your bad habits and Friends for enjoyment. Even if a single form of women is blanked from your life, you go into a mode of hibernation. Women is present everywhere in this world. On the reception of offices, you will find girls, while travelling in the flight, you will find women in the form of Air-Hostess, in the college, you will find women in the form of teacher. There used to be a time when the world was called as the Male-dominated one but today, even male feel a hem and hesitation while clamoring that its their world and they are leading. No man can undoubtedly and confidently say that They are better than today's girls and women. Women have shown their wide range of talent and potential in few years and proved everyone wrong that they are just meant to smell gas in kitchen, wipe off germs in house with a broom and sweepers, blow the dust away from the show-pieces kept in the house just for decoration and negotiate with the vendor for the price of vegetables. 

              Today is International Women's Day. Still there are many families and many traditional followers who don't let the girls and women of their family to step out of the house and explore the talent and capabilities they have in them. They keep the girls locked inside the room so that they don't surpass and transcend the males of the family. For them, its insult if the girl wins over them. Recently, a man refused to travel on a flight just because he got to know that the flight will be flied by a women pilot. People laugh at the girls when they see them as Traffic constable or Bus conductor. Boys taunt the girls on the road by speeding their bikes and overtaking the girls on Scooties. Boys laugh on the girls who take admission in Engineering because it is already projected that the life of a girl is nothing except a Four-walled Kitchen. Today, we are proud of Sachin Tendulkar but we forget to go into depth and see that he would not have grown as a legend if his mother would not have taken care of his life and passion. He would not have grown even over that if his wife would not have been conducive. There are so many factors behind a man which are a proof that Women makes men. My mother is not amicable with English language but still I give all the credits to her whatever I achieve in my Writing Field. THIS is the power of women.

              So, A very Happy Women's Day to all the women and I hope you will keep proving that you are better than us.



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Anonymous said...

Ya dts true.....womens e immensly pwrful n dy hv really provd tmslvs in evry field..... bt still dre r sum parts in our countries wre d girl child is being killed...... dy will nvr undrstand dt womens r alwayz bttr dn men.... even after 62 years of independence dres a lot of inequality in our country....:(

Writing Buddha said...

@Megha but nowadays ladies r every well and they r given special quotas .. so u cant complain.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

lovely..Gr8..post!!I hope..they give their due respect..to the women and stop female infanticide...or harassment..
bunch of loosers who laugh at women!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u mam

Unknown said...

Abe mast hain yaar par ek blog mere liyeh likh ki "b'coz of women how the men loose thier life or how the women makes the life of men HELL"

Writing Buddha said...

Ankit, thats the mistake of men that they believe women.. i never belive them... i just like and love them..

Anonymous said...

Its not abt quota.....its abt female infaticide or harrassment.....

Writing Buddha said...

even that... if ladies r so powerful to compete the the mighty gender, why cant they handle this?

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