15 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

God Is Punishing Japan For Human's Sin !!!

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        India lost its 2nd last match against South Africa and made it hard for itself to enter the Quarter Finals. The people all around India abused Dhoni and Nehra for their wonderful decision of the last over. But some witty twitteratti analyzed something which seems to be very semantic. India beat Bangladesh, Bangladesh beat Ireland, Ireland beat England, England beat South Africa and finally, South Africa beat India. So its the justification of the saying : What goes, come back.

             Once again, a song is picked up from the former era of Bollywood and experimented. Dev Anand disliked it and he thrashed the producers and said that the treatment to the song - Dum Maaro Dum is invidious. Personally, I have problem with both the versions of the songs as the name of God is enchanted in the lyrics but the girls are semi-nude and they are trying to magnetize the boys near them. This is totally an indecent act.

             Priyanka Chopra is being accused of breaking the airline's norms while her last trip to India. A man who knew Dilip Kumar asked her to switch off her mobile as the plane was about to start but she ignored him. As per the resources, both of them inculpated it each other and fell into verbal fight. This sick incident became the Headlines of newspaper which is pathetic and even the content of my blog. Amazing ;-)

               When we were interested in all these news, Japan was envisaging and fighting against the several natural calamities and the mistreat of the God. First, they faced the biggest Earthquake which wasn't experienced in the last 150 years. It measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale. Then, water paraded on the land of Japan causing one of the biggest Tsunami ever. The height of water went upto 33 feet. More than two floors of the buildings disappeared into the water. Roads were invisible, people were sinking into the river-like water, vehicles were floating, houses build up of woods left their foundation and moved with the pressure. Many cities of Japan submerged into the water. The visuals on the television were dangerous. No Hollywood film has ever shown such graphics for destruction which the Real world showed us. In this flood of water, many places started burning and fire started spreading everywhere. It became more difficult for the people to survive. All the headlines of News Channels vociferated only about the fight of Japan with vibrations of Earth, flow of Water and heat of Fire. 

                The whole world knows that Japan handles Nuclear plant and missiles. The hotness and coldness of the Nuclear plants and its systems are based below the Earth surface. Because of the Earthquake, cooling system under the Earth lost its grip and the maintenance and handling of Nuclear plant failed. The harmful nuclear molecules blasted and the radiations started spreading in the air. People were advised to cover their whole body with cloths and face with towels or scarfs. The people of Japan are well-mannered and systematic. They followed the advise and tried to save themselves from the radiation. Even during their darkest hours when the water was killing everyone, they didn't broke a single signal to meet their family in hurry. They followed all the Road's and Railway's rule and accordingly tried to reach to their family and home. Just after the nuclear radiations started traveling their land, Earthquake again shook them at 4.9 Richter Scale.

                Japan is suffering a lot. The first helping hand is approached by India. India has donated 22 lakh blankets to Japan as the weather is very cool in Japan. According to the survey and geographers, the earthquake has moved Japan by 8 feet from its place. 8 feet is equal to a bedroom in Mumbai. And more to this, Earth's axis is moved by 10 cms. It is the first time when any Earthquake has affected the Earth's movement on its Axis in this way. The speed of Earth's movement also increased. This is a serious intimation of God. When everyone heard about the predictions of Mayan Calender and many different sources which proclaimed that Earth will devastate in 2012, we laughed at them and said that its just a foolish prediction and nothing else but what has happened in Japan is seriously a topic to be thought and studied about. 

               God has been very kind and sweet to us but now he has started modifying his personality and thoughts. He sent us on the Earth in the form of monkeys and chimpanzees. He gave us Rivers, Rocks, Mountains, Trees and different elements. We thought and thought, used our brain, put our effort and changed the whole outlook of the Earth. We have tall buildings now. We have huge parks now. We have several flyovers overlapping each other. We have big machines and vehicles like airplanes now. We have big palaces and big temples now. We started with Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort and we have ended at Burj Khalifa and various Sea Links. God should be proud of us. God should appreciate our work. But it seems that God is unimpressed by the activities of Human beings. He wants to diminish and annihilate all the efforts of human being and bring the Earth back into the same position it was into. 

                 Whatever is happening at Japan is the impression of human beings in the mind of God. Let's pray God and ask him to forgive us and let us enjoy the planet. Let us tell him that we are guilty of the sins we have committed in recent years. Lets ask God to save all the Human beings dying in Japan. Lets ask God to cancel all his future plans of killing the human being and destroying the Planet Earth. Lets be together now so that God can hear our chorus voices.

                I have nothing more to say except some chants of praying for well-being of the people suffering in Japan.



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Maya said...

lol very funny,, your logic sounds like those maulvis of iran who were saying that earthquakes occur because women have become indecent..

Writing Buddha said...

I havent pointed this in that way. I have just said that may be God is angry bcoz of the sins humans r doing so he is killing us and thus taking our lives back.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

its very sad..what has happened in japan..my heat goes out for the people ...who lost lives..its sad!
Devastating...God bless the departed souls!

Priya said...

"I have problem with both the versions of the songs as the name of God is enchanted in the lyrics but the girls are semi-nude and they are trying to magnetize the boys near them. This is totally an indecent act."

I like this one.
N abt Japan; it's really tragic n hope our planet continues with us after 2012 also.

Writing Buddha said...

Agree to you Harman mam

Writing Buddha said...

Priya. thanks for reading the blog so carefully.

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