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              It has been a long time since I am being irregular on my blog. So I have thought for a change before I start writing regularly from 1st of March. Salman, as you all already know is a member of our blog and sends his monthly post to me to publish it on my blog. This post was in my drafts from a long time. Finally, I decided to put it on my Blog as I felt that this is the right time for all of you to read such type of a post from a person like Salman. I hope you will like it just like me. Now let's enter into the world of Salman.


              Salman’s back again!!
              The last article by me was very close to my soul… because I literally poured out my soul out in it…
So without wasting much time let’s do this!
I have been pondering a lot about what to write for this installment and was very indecisive for a long time... the topics coming in and out of my mind varied from different subjects each ranging from the extremes of the horizon! first I planned to write about ‘The role of Gandhi’ then I thought maybe I should write on “Misconceptions about Islam’ and almost jumped upon to write it down, but when I actually started to write this article I somehow felt the need, the desire to write about ‘FRIENDS’.. I don’t know why, but I am, and have always been an instinctive person so I shall follow my instincts now even... the above topics, I guess shall be my future posts—i.e. if u think they are appropriate Veeru


           So where to start from???? Let’s say … ok! Let me tell you all about the kind of people who are my friends...
As said before I am an introvert but once I open up I make a great friend! (Not Boasting!! You Can Confirm That from My Friends)
I just got one word to describe my friends ----AWESOME!!!!
Almighty Allah couldn’t have possibly gifted me with better friends than these pals!!
They have been a cornerstone of my existence... these people have been my conscience, my soul, my spirit... they have laughed with me when I was happy, cried with me at times of heartbreak,slapped me,criticized me when I made a fool out of myself and appreciated me when I have stood firm for the ideals I have believed in despite strongest possible opposition from various sections……
it has become my belief that WE don’t choose friends for ourselves but God knows what we have,what we lack and has provided us with these gems who compliment us in our strength and weaknesses….
 But true friendship is found (unfortunately) rarely in today’s world, which has become all too materialistic to understand such a pure emotion...no –not emotion but a way of life!!
I haven’t got any words what actually I feel about my friends but here’s one incident that I can tell you about…
I have this great friend of mine… we have been friends since 7th Grade...not just friends but brothers,infact we have been closer than blood brothers… but then as it is said a relationship is truly tested when a slight misconception or doubt enters trhe minds of the persons involved.. And one such incident shattered our friendship--- the buddies who couldn’t sit in peace without talking with each other for more than half an hour started loathing each other so much that we didn’t even want to look at each other faces!! It was like the friendship of which examples were given never existed!! This nasty incident tore apart our group into two parts... it was a real heartbreak for me... for I never could bear to be the reason for this but my ego wouldn’t let me go and apologise!!Though I knew that even if had gone in front of him and slapped him and said “Bohut Nautanki Ho Gayi!!” it would have been alright...
But then even fate had different plans for us... I shifted to Pune for my junior college and the rest of my buddies to Mumbai... I felt like a black sheep…. We didn’t talk to Each other for two long years!! But then one accident happened that shook me apart!!
My Best buddy’s father passed away in a freak accident!! when I was informed of it  I just stood rooted to the place where I was standing, it was like I had lost all the strength in my knees and was unable to move at all !! I knew that my friend was very close to his father and needed support, needed someone to take care of him, to console him, to grieve with him but I was not there !! my uncle who was leaving to attend the funeral asked me to accompany him and I just stood there staring blankly at the contact I had just popped out of the address book in my cell… n somehow it felt like some hollow voice had spoken “I Can’t!”From within me...and my uncle just stared at me completely flabbergasted! though my family disapproved of my friend at that time they were shocked to hear my refusal to attend the funeral—my uncle said “beta that kid has always stood for you, even argued with us for your sake and you are refusing to stand by him at such a critical moment??” and I stood silently the words cutting me up like a sabre.. Tearing up my heart and soul inside out……
I got many calls from our mutual friends who asked me, requested some even begged me to go there cause they knew no one could handle him better than him but I just kept refusing… many abused me and promised to beat the hell outta me whenever they happened to see me.. They said that they never believed I could be so egoistic as not to help him in such circumstances...
What they couldn’t understand that it wasn’t ego—it was fear, it was shame, it was the pain!! We hadn’t talked for 2 years and now suddenly this happened! I couldn’t envision myself meeting him under such conditions; I didn’t know what to do or say once we met….
After a couple of weeks I went home. There I tried to visit his place when he was not present but couldn’t do so because he had literally stopped getting out of the house... such was his pain!
I somehow managed to reach his doorsteps 3 or 4 times during a day but couldn’t muster the courage to enter it. But suddenly at my last attempt I heard a voice calling out my name—it was his mother... is till remember the look in her eyes... the tears that filled up once I met her gaze... the words that she spoke”Beta,bohut der kar di tune aane me !tere bhai ko teri zarurat thi .. tu hi use sambhaal sakta tha par ab sab khatam ho gaya jaanewaala chala gaya par ab mujhe mere saare bĂȘte firse eksaat chahiye !!” with tears flowing from my eyes I couldn’t believe that this woman had just lost her husband, but all she wanted was to accept me back with open arms !! I was so ashamed of myself that not speaking any word I just ran away from there; ran away as I had never run before. I reached my room locked it up and cried for hours….. The pain was excrutiating, the hurt unbearable...then my cellphone beeped-an msg”Buddy—Nazar lag gayi apne sabko—sab bhool jaa bhai… aajaa! We are all waiting for you!” it was from him!! They all had forgiven me and I couldn’t believe it!!! How could anyone be so loving and forgiving??!!??
The only sentence that can describe our reunion is that felt blissful, tears flowed freely, our sobs could be heard long away but none of us cared to a passing onlooker it would look like a group of 4 long lost friends had met after a long time and it certainly was like that!!
Wow! I am getting all sentimental and nostalgic! Guess I should stop here
Now things are just as they were before and the old gang still rides together and still is the envy of many others J I pray to Almighty ALLAH THAT OUR FRIENDSHIP JUST GETS STRONGER AND STRONGER BY EACH PASSING MOMENT AND NOTHING SHOULD HAPPEN THAT SHALL JEOPARDIZE IT AS BEFORE!!
P.S. I Got A New Line Friends--- “I WILL BE BACK!!J

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