25 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Tigers attacked Kangaroos !!!

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            9 hours ago, everyone was praying the God for India to win. Everyone was expecting big knock from Indian players. Everyone was nervous and everyone was ready for an exciting match. People were tweeting that if you really claim to be World Champion, beat Australia and reach Semi-Finals. Many said that let's see whose the biggest player - Ponting or Tendulkar. Many were waiting to see whether Yuvraj will continue his mind-blowing game or will he quit the spirit today. Many were waiting for a FOUR again by Sehwag on the very first ball of the match as he own a record in this World Cup of hitting a boundary at the first ball of every match he played. Everyone in the World know about the excellence and brilliance of Australian team and therefore everyone was afraid whether India will do it or not. Pakistan applied the brake to the Australia's incessant 34 victory in the World Cup by beating them in the last League match. Now, it was a very big exam of India whether they will beat Australia like Pakistan did or they'll let the Australians win again. The whole world was supporting India as everyone wanted a new winner of this World Cup rather than the same champion- Australian picking the Cup and going to their home with their heads high. It was a very tough period before 9 hours.

             But now, after the 9 hours have passed away and India has won the match by a brilliant 5 wickets, many things has been proved right while many has been proved wrong. People were expecting Sehwag to kill the bowlers but he played an inappropriate cricket. As always, people were expecting Sachin to score a century but he ended his inning before 60 runs itself. Gambhir played a good cricket and scored his half-century but failed to show a brilliant batsman-ship by playing under the condition of pressure. He did several blunders and got Run-Out like a stupid batsman. Then came Virat Kohli and nobody understood why he gave that easy catch to the opponents. After him, came the Man of this World Cup - Yuvraj Singh and he stood on the field till the game ended. After Kohli, came Raina and he showed the hunger in him and proved the nickname gifted to him - Left-Handed Tendulkar. India were at 5 wickets when Raina entered and Yuvraj was trying to keep the match alive. A stable partnership was needed at that time because it has been a weakness of Indian team to stand with their heads high after their first 3 batsmen return to the pavilion. And Yuvraj and Raina built that partnership and gave the Indians the biggest treat. Sorry, I missed writing about Dhoni's entrance on the field as he missed to add runs in India's score.

              Ponting is being challenged for his attitude and arrogance since the World Cup started. The man has been very irritating since the World Cup began and hence people wanted Australia to leave the tournament with a shame in their eyes. Ponting announced in the pre-match press conference that he will not allow Tendulkar to score his 100th Century against them in the Quarter-Finals. Haha. This is the most stupid challenge I have ever heard by a cricketer. If he would have challenged that we will send Tendulkar back to the pavilion in his single-digit of runs or before 20 runs, it would have been interesting but challenging for a century was damn funny. It is not very easy for Tendulkar to score century in each match he plays. Century is a big thing to come and it doesn't come regularly. It comes once in a bluemoon but Tendulkar has proved the World that 100 is an easy task for him but it is still hard to get it. And the challenge of Ponting was damn funny. Do you remember the challenges Shoaib Akhtar or Wasim Akram used to give to Tendulkar that we will send Tendulkar back to the pavilion in the 1st over itself. That's a real challenge a guy would take rather than this stupid one. So, Ponting failed here. This was the match where people love the competition between Tendulkar and Ponting. Ponting scored a brilliant century while Tendulkar ended at half-century itself, so here, Ponting won. 

               Then, Tendulkar completed his 18,000 runs of ODI career and managed to be on the TOP in the list of leading run-scorer in World Cup 2011 but Ponting failed to stop him after trying all the strategies and plans. Out of 48 centuries scored by Tendulkar, it has happened for just 13 times that India has lost the game, but still people say that whenever Sachin scores a 100, India loses so it can be said from now onwards that whenever Ponting scores a 100, Australia loses. 

               India has played 7 games in this World Cup till now where they have won 5 games, tied 1 and lost 1. Out of 5 victorious game, Yuvraj Singh has won the Man of the Match for 4 times. When the selectors selected Yuvraj in the team, the whole nation abused and criticized them but Yuvraj is proving the nation wrong by performing incredible in all the aspects of cricket - Bowling, Batting and Fielding. If India wins this World Cup, it will be dedicated to Yuvraj Singh first and then to Sachin Tendulkar because Sachin performed in just 1 aspect of Cricket while Yuvraj has performed in all the aspects. 

              Now, after Australia is being thrown out of the World Cup tournament, everyone is excited to know who will be the new one. It was interesting to see Ponting's face in the last overs. He was about to cry at any moment. He thought that its only Sachin who can beat them but he didn't knew that all the 11 men have polished themselves to beat him up. Just because you have a Champion tag, you are a wonderful record-holder, you have been Captain of World Cup winning team for twice, your team has the trademarked yellow jersey again, we will dither to see you all on the ground? No. Never. We are the team who is always unpredictable and incredible. 

              Now, the story of Australia is old and a new challenge is here - Pakistan in Semi-Finals. People in India are damn emotional and sentimental which can be seen from their request from the Men in Blue to win the Semi against Pakistan and we don't care if you lose the Finals. It has been the history that India has always beaten up Pakistan in World Cup but this time it seems to be hard. Pakistan is in a good form. They are the team who beat Australia and broke their record of 34 incessant win in World Cup. Shahid Afridi seems to be very poor in his batting performance but he is doing wonders with the ball. He has taken 21 wickets in this World Cup which is the highest by any Pakistani in World Cup matches. His best in this series has been 5 wickets by giving just 16 runs. Truly commendable. Their batting has been little weak but still they managed to perform well. Indian batsmen can face problem because our batting line-up after the top batsmen has been very devastating in this series. Indian batsmen will have to play a cool match if they want to face their bowlers and win the match again. They will have to continue great pertnerships to build pressure on the Pakistani bowlers. This is the only key to win against Pakistan because our bowling has been the weakest so its hard to expect anything from here except some outrageous performance by Yuvraj Singh again.

             Lets wait for the 30th March to arrive. Pakistan has just one religion - Muslims to pray for their victory while we have Hindus, Christians, Sikh and many other religions including the much more Muslim's population of India than Pakistan. When all the religions meet together, they do wonders. On 30th March, all the religions will be praying for India's victory together, so let's not worry as all the Gods are going to take side of India rather than Pakistan. If Pakistan wins, that means, there are many gaddaars in our country who were praying for them. Hahaha. 30th March is Wednesday and no one has an official holiday. Students will bunk the college, professionals will take the sick leave, teachers will give an excuse, all will stay at home and experience the Mother of all Games on 30th March. It will be a Bharat Bandh on 30th March, seriously. I'm still getting goose bumps by thinking about the Ind-Pak match. Let's not hope much but keep praying for the best. 

              I think I have written very much. It happened just because of the JOSH of the win and Home Return of Australia. I think they turned to be Home sick this time. Oh, I started talking again. Good-Bye for now and Sorry for the overdose of Cricket on my Blog. Till then, somebody please wipe Ponting's tears as it can result into a Tsunami in Australia.



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Vinayak said...

Good that my holidays are going on... I don't have to do the bunking things :P. Let us hope that the world doesn't see any more corrupt players with such skills as Ponting. He pioneered nything and everything nonsense!

Writing Buddha said...

Right. I hate Ponting like anything. his cricket his good but his sporting spirit is bad.

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