31 March 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Biggest Match In Cricket's History !!!

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        I am again writing about cricket and you may feel that I am overloading my blogs with the news and updates of World Cup but I don't think that there's any other topic going around in the world which I should celebrate on my Blog. Every newspaper is happy and proud to write about Team India on its 1st page. Today, India had its Semi-Final match with Pakistan in Mohali and our Team India did it once again by winning it. It was a terrific and electrifying match with so many nail-biting moments. Both the teams played enormously and it was hard to guess who is going to win today's match. Record said that all the World Cup matches played between both these teams have been won by India while an another record said that all the matches played in Mohali between both these teams have been won by Pakistan. Someone's record was to be broken tonight and India broke the record of Pakistan in Mohali.

             Everyone was opting for bowling first rather than batting but Dhoni choose to bat first. Sehwag gave an electrifying start to the team by thrashing Umar Gul for 5 Fours in a Single Over. Sehwag went off the field very early, Gambhir came but even he was unable to handle the pressure, Kohli felt it hard to stay on the field for a long time, Dhoni again showed his bad form of batting and Yuvraj was bowled out on the very first ball bowled to him. Only two batsmen proved themselves - Sachin Tendulkar and Suresh Raina. Sachin Tendulkar played a controversial inning where he was dropped by the Pakistani fielders for more than 5 times, Sachin didn't wasted the innings because of this and he profited the drops and scored 85 runs which gave his the crown of the Man Of The Match in the Most Pressurized and Most Important match of this World Cup. Sachin Tendulkar have played all the Five matches between India and Pakistan in World Cups and came back winning all the matches. Suresh Raina came off late in the field but didn't abused the players who got out cheaply, he did his job and made it possible for India to score 250+. 

              Pakistan's bowler - Riaz bowled perfectly and he made it hard for our Batsmen to survive. Today, it was the competition between the Batting power of India and Bowling power of Pakistan where Pakistan's bowling has been little up than India's batting. The excitement began when Pakistan started chasing India. They were very fast in the initial overs but their first wicket at 44 runs brought a halt for their team. After that, Indian bowlers dominated them in the same kind as they dominated us. Today, all the bowlers from India contributed to the match with Zaheer taking 2 wickets, Munaf taking 2, Nehra taking 2, Yuvraj taking 2 and Harbhajan taking 2. Everyone gave an all-round performance. For me, each and every player who played from India's side is the Man of the Match. We fielded like anything. Pakistan felt each and every run a dream to score against our fielding and bowling.

               While starting the Presentation ceremony, Shastri welcomed the viewers by saying that This is the biggest match in the history of cricket and I agree to him. I remember the excitement during the 2003 Finals but today's pressure and mental status was at some other level where it was hard to control the feelings. People were getting goosebumps from 48 hours before the match. People didn't wanted their nation to loose and therefore everyone was concerned for the team. I remember the scene before the 24 hours of the match, I found some Pakistanis talking evil and ill about Indian cricket team, I began the conversation of abuses with them. I used all the possible words because it was hard to accept anyone talking about Indian team, especially when they are no one to talk about us. This match was called as the Game for Peace. Before the match started, everyone was in a confusion about their team and everyone started behaving properly with the Pakistanis on their Social Networking account but as soon as India won, all the peace vanished somewhere and people started boasting about their team or started calculating their team's performance. 

                As the terrific match came to an end, now India is going to play their World Cup Finals for the 3rd time on Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. 1st time, India won, 2nd time, India lost and this is the 3rd Final India is attending and let's hope that this time, India repeat the legacy of our 1983 key players playing for India. I am seriously praying that we win the World Cup this time because it has been a long time since I'm listening about India's defeat in World Cup. After Ganguly, Dhoni was elected as India's Captain, Dhoni has proved himself by placing India team in Final just as Bengal Tiger - Dada did in 2003. Lets hope, its our World Cup this time. Now, let me move from here as I have to sleep.



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Abhinav C.J. said...

Hey Bhaiya,

Nice post. Feels nice when everyone around talks in a positive way about our cricket team. Wish they did that even if we end up on the losing side! But yes, we did deserve to win last night. Kudos to Sehwag, Tendulkar & Raina. Tendulkar, though was unable to dominate the trickery of Ajmal, negotiated him pretty alright for a valuable contribution, as Lady Luck smiled on him. And you forget to mention the bowling - Nehra & Munaf were fabulous! The spinners bowled tight, and though Zak had an off-day, we managed all right. Let's hold our celebrations for the final now!

And just a matter of fact, Dhoni did not succeed Ganguly as captain of Team India. It was another under-rated legend, Rahul Dravid, and he did a pretty good job despite having Chappell as coach.

Keep writing, and never stop raising the bar for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Munafiqeen! Indian Muslim basically Kafir hain for sure !

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

thank u for a very correct assessment of the match .I watched the entire match.we were also participating in a running commentry of the match on fb in our group'nears & dears 'It was really a wonderful experience .Let us hope We win the final too .

hamaarethoughts.com said...

thanks for posting the details..very well analysed ..I could see India rejoicing that night..God Bless!
lets move for world Cup!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Abhinav for reading and posting ur comment... I forgot Dravid..

Writing Buddha said...

Tu saale Pakistani....anonymous naam se post kar rha hai... tere se laakh darzaa atchey hain Hinduskan ke Musalmaan.. they love their nation..

Writing Buddha said...

Kul Bhushan Sir, We won it finally.

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, thanks for noticing my analysis.

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