28 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Journey From 26/11/08 to 26/11/09 !

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        I clearly remember the day of 26th November , 2009 ..I was contemporarily residing at Nashik..I came from my coaching classes..It was evening...I came home in a good and charming mood..Opened the door and saw my mother lost somewhere...She told Ki Veeru dont do anything except watching the news channel I dont want you to play volumes and music..and what I saw then really surprised astonished and blowed my mind off..Again we went into in statu quo and again there was a terrorist attack..I didn't understood how to react ..In Anger or to be sad..I just thought that why we Indians are so cowardice and powerless...Pakistanis come to our land..Earn here...Strategize their conspiracy and they come forward with such a surfeit of squall that all of us start tizzying and dithering...They meddle into our life so easily and they challenge us as they can vie and compete us easily..and this is what they do..As you all know I wake up @ nights easily albeit I pass the whole day being victims to many rough and tough routines..I didn't slept ..Didn't moved away from news channels..Just because I wanted a crikey voice from the reporters that we won...and the terrorists are no more..But incessantly they were successful in spreading their sabotagizing propensity...They threw Hand-grenades again and again..The malaise sound of Bullets and guns was roaring all over the Taj hotel,Oberoi and Trident Hotel..CST was already targeted..Now after coming to Mumbai and visiting this station makes me feel that terrifying and petrifying moment when this terrorist were creating hell on the platform..I m really scared and feel pity and sorrow for the people who were directly and indirectly victims of this erratical gaff..Mumbai was closed the very next day on 27th..coz this terrorist were still up with their appallizing performance...Again and again there were flashes on the television screen about the death tolls in the buildings where this bloodies halted..Now our NSGs and commandos started preparing for the resurgence and contravening with this bloody terrorists..

            Now again there were flashes about the deaths of our policemens and commandos...The whole Mumbai was ceased and turned into hopelessness..But suddenly after many of our brave and audacious fighters lost their life...on 28th there was the final news that all the terrorists have reached their ultimate home- HELL....but still there was no smile on the faces of Mumbaikars and Indians...because now the cameras of reporters elucidated the dead bodies of our brethens and sisters who were the victims..and the death toll was 183..So sad was this to hear that nonentities has moved us so much and oyr dearies and innocents have lost their life..Many faces searching for their dear ones to come out laughingly and happily that they are saved and the storm is over..got ruffled to glance their loved ones who were no more with them...The redundant pains merged whole Mumbai together and everybody rose their voice on the terrorism and our government that why are we so much insecure that bloodies from Pakistan penetrates into our motherland .. Smash us and die taking the name of their lords..and over all this activities our bloody politicos and leaders mooted up with their real faces hurling the dirty words for our fighters who lost their life..So sick are these politicians..The city was fighting for its right and security ans they were here to show their vacuousness...After all this..Mumbai started again..and now the newspaper had the pics of Ajmal Kasab..One of the terrorists who was held by our fighters..Everybody wanted Kasab to be hanged till the time he reaches Hell but our slow government were arguing with Pakistan that whether he is Pakistani or not..and this activity from our government fragiled the Mumbaikars and Indians..

            Now on this 26/11/09 - 27/11/09 - 28/11/09 we find that we all are still in the same pains and we still hate ourselves coz we were unable to do anything for our land..for our peoples..for our brethens..But we are very kind..we still have heart..we still have the place to idolize our fighters ..remember them..love them.. cry for them.. feel the same pain what their family is going through..But is this enough?? NO.. Ajmal Kasab is still alive..Government has spent approximately 31 crores on him..for his security..In our city Mumbai..every one of us is insecured but Ajmal Kasab is the only man who is Secured and safe..Nobody can harm him..He is like a celebrity..He is like a God who cant be seen by anyone .. For what are we waiting?? for the next attack?? for the next plane hijack or some attack where this terrorist will demand release of Kasab and we will be helpless and without any wealthy step ..we will have to release Kasab.. Why cant we hang Kasab till death without any deals and proclaimations...This is India..This is the work done by the ministers we select during elections..

             But being optimistic we should be happy that after this terror no terrorists augmented his tendency to malaise us ..because they know Ek baar maaf kiya ja sakta hai..Do baar maaf kiya jaa sakta hai..par baar baar nahi...Ab tumhara samay khatm ho chuka hai..Ab hamarey sehen shakti ka vinaash ho chuka hai..ab hamein kisi ki aad nahi hai..kisise koi aas nahi hai...waqt thamega nahi...hum chup rahengey nahi..aatank tumharey taraf se badhaaya jaayega...tumhara haath hamari ore se kaata jaayega..Sahenge nahi ... Parkhengey nahi... Kadam uthaayenge..Kuchlenge tumhe..Lenge badla..Jitna khoon tumne hamara bahaaya hai...Utni hi jaan hum tumhari har ek saans se cheenengey...Kal tum jeetey they..Aaj hum jeetengey...Tum jeetey they apni jaan gawaan kar..Tum jeetey they adharm ke raastey pe chal ke..Hum jeetengey tumhari jaan lekar...Hum jeetengey dharm se...ijjat se..Shaan se...Toh agar taiyyaar ho toh Aa jaao maidaan mein...Humein tumhara intezaar hai...Lenge badla har kattrey kaa....Har ek aansu ..ka har ek kodaa ..Har ek maa ke dil ki aahat kaa... Har ek Hathoda...Har ek hindustani ke dard ka.. Har ek badlaa..Lengey hum...


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W!LSH!RE said...

I sometimes don't understand they way people think. How can we kill Kasab when he is the living proof of the 26/11 attacks? Once we kill him Pakistan will not bother about the 26/11 attack anymore. Infact Dawood Ibrahim had sent his people to finish off Kasab so that he doesn't open his mouth and reveal all the secrets. Furthermore if we wage war against Pakistan It'll just show the world that we are a foolish nation who just want revenge. So thats why we need to strategically plan all our moves. I was having a chat with a shopkeeper just a few days after the attacks on India. He was telling that India should attack Pakistan for this. I explained to him that starting war is not an easy thing to do. The country looses countless lives, economic loss ans many other things. But he was in no mood to agree. So immature. Ofcourse I also feel very angry and helpless after the attacks! But there aren't many options available.
India had intelligence tip-off that a terrorist attack through the sea route is possible but we did not heed the warnings. Also, it took a lot of time for the central government to send the army. The police failed to react in time. After the terrorists landed in CST they did what they wanted till around 11:15PM. The police there weren't present! When injured officers called for back up, the back didn't arrive till 1 hour 15 minuted were over. Now these things show carelessness on our part, which is very appalling to see. Another thing to be noted is that the NSG commandos are trained for such combat but yet over 80% of them are given the job to guard our politicians! Stupid, isn't it! The NSGs themselves say that they aren't trained to guard politicians. To top it off, most of our politicians don't even need high levels of security. We are not ready to rectify these mistakes. Then how will we be capable of handling such a situation? We need to correct ourselves. Corruption in such sensitive government departments like the police, army and other places should be take care of, atleast! if not the other departments! Atleast that way the crucial departments will work efficiently without expecting any bribe.

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