7 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

My Preparation For Exam & Second Highest Comment On My Yesterday's Blog !!!

            91TH BLOG -->>

       Yesterday you all have really felicitated me indirectly by giving comments and comments and comments on my blog..It was so loving from your side..I have received the highest views on my blog which I wrote on the day when I won Mr.Fresher title in my college..that number was 19..After that For many days there were 1 comments or 3 comments but not more than this range and the number confined itself till three...But yesterday when I wrote all about my sister and the relationship I share with her..You all have respected my feelings and affection I share with her..Yesterday I have received 14 comments...Yesterday means The blog Which I wrote last night..Comments kept coming today for the whole day..and I enjoyed it...Now I dont know when will my blog again touch your soul and you will find yourself in me and will share your appraisal with me...Muaah to all of you who have shared your comments on yesterday's blog...

            My exams are approaching from 12th of this month and I dont know what to do so that I'll be immune and I'll be announced as Im passed...The way I started my journey was excellent..the momentum and spirit of my forceful study was really acknowledgeable...but as the day kept passing by...I got attracted towards a bitch...and lost my half sense then and there...whatever was left It was taken by different useful activities...The mega-useless habits quest the attention and turned it by its right way and took it away some where from now Its very hard to turn back and start studying..Now a days I study from night 1 to 5 AM....when the world sleep...Abhilash is there to watch them out...The whole night I keep peeping into the pages of my books..But what my brain gets feeded with is not the knowledge my book shares with me but I keep thinking very deeply with many new researches..like..

  •   How Dinosaurs would have sabotaged the earth and human beings?
  •   How were the first couple of this earth familiar with the knowledge of Sex?
  •   How were the movies like Anaconda and titanic were made?
  •   How come my name is Abhilash and nothing else?
  •   Why is local present only in Mumbai and not somewhere else?
  •   Why there are only two genders - Male and Female...Why arent 4 or 5 or 6?
  •   How come mobile works without having any wires?
  •   How come medicines make a patient feel better?

           This all are my world of imaginations for the whole nightr and when the clock strikes 5 AM..I feel like sleeping and take an oath that tomorrow I'll not think about this topics and will study and read my course books with all the concentration in it...hahaha....This is my world...I think I have turned up into Ishan of TZP...Now I'm sure that I'm not going to get germane marks..and I'm again turning into a mastikhor boy who was impregnable and inexpugnable...

           But I have promised my self..Ki agar saala paper saamne aaya aur mujhe kuch nahi aa raha hoga then I'll atleast write the answers of the questions I have written above on which I have researched a lot like a scientist for whole of the nights...Hahaha...and I'll be pakka Honest and Loyal to myself...

             Thanks for reading this Funny and my opineful blog....And again thanks to them who made this 14 comments possible.. 


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Rohit Rohela said...

Hi Abhilash,

Congrats on your successful blogging! I must say the way you write is very thought provoking and suave. Today's post by you got me thinking about my younger days. You know what, even I used to spend hours dreaming about things like other stars, their planets, whether there might be intelligent life on them. What is God, how big is the universe really.lolzzz, all this is not craziness, but sign of genius, you seem to have that streak too, maybe it runs in the family!

But you certainly reminded me of my younger days when I was away from these ghar grihasti! Keep dreaming and keep learning!

Shine brighter!

Abhilash Ruhela said...

Rohit bhaiiyya...Im not getting any intimation from u dat u receiving my replies on ur comments or not....coz im replying to every comment...Yes bhaai After reading ur comments too make me feel that it is in our family.....dreaming so big and like scientists...hahaha......And bhaaiyya..U r really having a lot of expectations from me...hope dat I'll return good to ur wishes and praises...but success isnt consistent...there r ups and downs....So cant promise anything but ill do everything for the success...

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