2 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Beginning Of The End-December !!!

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        Today is the 1st day of December..And Im still in the world of the movie-2012..So when in the morning I woked up..and saw my mobile to check out the time..I saw the date and it was 01-12-2009..After watching 01-12 I was so much thrilled and shocked that without giving emphasis to the digits of years...I frighted up thinking that its the last month of 2012..Heart beat again proliferated and ameliorated..I dont know why I watched this film with all my hearts in it...and not thinking that the movie can be danger and I should be alert that it is just a movie and nothing else..But I dont know How I got emotionally attached with it..I'm so graphic-savvy person then too I didn't deciphered this out whilewatching movie that all of this scenario and screenshots are just the graphic works and nothing more then that...Albeit having so much of cerebration in my brains..after being so modish and being the congener of the people with this thought..Why I got manipulated with the movie's disastrous scenes and why my heart sank watching the world coming to an end..Before entering the theatre, I promised my consciousness that I'll not watch the film being over-smart and thinking every shot as computer's hand in it..That promise and words which I gave to myself drowned me into the river of sorrowness and the trauma with which I'm suffering right now.

               As the last month of this year 2009 has arrived...I would like to intimate all of you the promises and the frame of works which you had strategized and planned at the 1st day of the year..I dont know what your modus operandi would have been like all over the year...I dont know how much have you all succeeded in attaining your motive of this year and how much are you happy with your work this year..but I would like to suggest you all that now the countdown is on and there's just 30 days to make your year happy or worst...If you all had fun all over the 11 months of this year..Then its very happy ..and I would like all of you to enjoy this month too so that you can happily say that your 2009 was the most dearest year of your life and you would go ineffable and unutterable while speaking of the year....and for the category of people who haven't enjoyed their 11 months...Please dont ruin and stink your last month of the year...Try to complete your short term goals which you planned for the year 2009...Enjoy each and every moment of this month so that you can say ki 2009 mobilized you and you got a new life and new horizons which you didn't had idea..Even you will get that extinct in your mind and soul that even after wasting your 11 months..You can complete your goals in a month and can combat the ratio with the win of your modus operandi's ratio 1:12...

              So Friends dont worry about the months which has past...Just look forward to these 30 days..and just live to your fullest and to the high - end level of your life to enlighten and establish the wonderful year for yourself..If you love someone..Go approach..So that 2009 gets lucky for you..If you have parted ways from your parents..Go approach..Tell your parents how much you love them...If you had a fight with your friend..Go approach..SHow him your slam book and say that the page containing his desire and feelings is the best page of the slam-book..and you love him like your bro..If there's misunderstanding with any person of your relation..Go approach..solve it..hug..and nexus with the partner...Ultimate motive of saying so much is that Do something in this 30 days to make your 2009 the best year of your life....And share it with me in the comment section...

              Thanks for reading this blog friends....Happy December-2009 to all of you...Go Ahead... for 30 Days To A Perfect Life !!!


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W!LSH!RE said...

I'm going to make the most out of this December. The last month of the year is always a fun time. There's Christmas celebrations and soon after that we got New Years celebrations. Other countries have holidays this time of the year, just as we have Diwali holidays. I always love this time of the year. And thanks for the wishes. I'll try to complete any work that I left in the year... So now its goodbye 2009 abd welcome 2010, almost!

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