1 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

2012 - I'm Touched And Mentally Affected !!!

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        I got a nice response on the yesterday's blog of my three muslim girls of my life..Only Wilshire commented on the blog post but there were many who personally said that they enjoyed reading the blog..Friends, I want to apologize to you all that it will not be possible for me to respond to your comments as there is a Virus attack on my laptop because of which Its not possible for me to surf and open my Blog page..But I promise to everyone out there that I'll reply to every comments of yours as soon as this problem dissappears..Today The 4 months of blogging has been over..Great Great Great Experience...

            2012- The film released on 13th November got a huge applause and remarkable welcome from every movie-lovers across every nation..Film is Super-Hit..After many days of excitement , Finally today I went to the movie at Big Cinemas In Kharghar..There was no one to accompany me so I was all alone to watch the film..I have no problem in watching movies @ theatres alone because I'm there to watch the movie and not to chit-chat with the friend..The first shot of the film showcases our country INDIA..and I was very happy to see that such a big and hit film for which the world was excited starts with the flick of India..Indian was the first person in the movie to claim that the world will end after three years in 2012..Actually I'm saying wrong..He wasn't Indian..The man who said this was American but he migrated to India permanently as he married an Indian women..I was very much gratified with the director's screenplay tendency to come to the main subject of the film in the 10 minutes after the film began..And the first very disaster touched California..The earth crust began isolating and the huge buildings and every innovations and constructions by human got submerged in the crust and one by one all the Western countries suffered this..Then the mishaps turned towards other countries and there were volcanoes which burnt the whole countries out there...and then at last they again show India...India and the other countries in Asia were victim of the Tsunami..and the whole land went into the world of Water..Water started flowing towards western countries and the whole world gets filled up with water..But Director showed the sequence where Americans had a huge ship..So a little mass of people there..It may be some 1000 people approximately..who were made to enter the ship and the Ship like Vehicle was closed from all of its 4 sides...But then there was a Tsunami and the way director has executed that part of struggle on the screen really moved me..I started crying when I saw the actor of the film not returning back after solving a Hydraulic problem beneath the water .. But then as soon as he returned ..The faces of every actor and artists on which camera focused had such a sentimental and emotional and the hearty face that It made me cry very much..I was already scared watching the Earth coming to an end in such a jeopardised way..and the emotional and suspenseful scene in the last made my heart tilt towards Emotions..After the Film was over I came out of the theatre..and was so much scared as the path on which I was walking will break and I will be beneath the Earth's crust in few seconds..I came home ..Mummy asked How was the film..I said SUPERB EXCELLENT...She said then why are you so sad and theres no smile on your face..I said her that Im scared..I know that this is not going to happen in 2012 but It will happen either now or then...Not in 2012 but it can be in 3012..4012..5012..What will Human of that time will do?? I was just thinking this..And still thinking..Im really scared of the movie..Everyone would have seen this movie with a craze to watch this movie but I saw this movie heartily..which has affected me mentally..Its not making me even smile on the great jokes...Hey GOD..Please do something so that I can smile again and I can understand that This is going to happen and I should not worry..as there is time for this to come...I would like to recommend all of you to watch this movie in Theatre as its really one of the best movie..and the way director has executed and implemented his Idea It doesnt gets more than what should be there..It is exactly what will happen...Theres no Drama out there...

            I'm scared....Hey God....Save us from this disaster..Im confident that this is not going to touch our Earth in 2012...but whenever It will be..Please dont let it destroy the efforts of Human which has resulted in this Beautiful World...filled with Aesthetical values..

Abhilash Ruhela - VeeRu 

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W!LSH!RE said...

I couldn't wait for its official release in multiplexes no I got a pirated DVD. I know its wrong but who cares! Nothing like that is going to happen. No one can predict the future.(well, except Nostradamus!) In the movie, it is shown that the Mayan civilization make a calendar upto 2012 because after that they predicted the world will end. Ofcourse that is not true. But since you did express your fear about such a disaster going to wipe out mankind, I think you should know about other potential threats that do exist. I hope you know what wiped out dinosaurs off the planet. Yes, a meteorite. There still exists the threat that a huge meteorite will hit earth, triggering earthquakes and tsunamis, covering the earth in a huge cloud of dust blocking sunlight due to which all vegetation will die off. Thus ultimately leaving mankind to die. But we are ready to tackle such a situation. NASA is continuously monitoring the skies to avert such an event. We're equipped with nuclear missiles, ready to blow up any such aerial threat. Just like in the movie Armageddon.
I'd like to tell you, Abhilash, and the other readers of this blog. An incident took place today (1/12/09) at around 8:50PM at Pune station. Unlike Bombay, the Pune railway station is less crowded. A hefty guy was bashing up a guy sitting on the floor, in the corner of the huge waiting room. I was stunned. But I couldn't do anything at that moment because there were 2 more guys with him. For a moment I thought it was the "maharashtrians-bashing-bhaiyyas" thing. But then I noticed it was something else. He was bashing up the other guy because he attempted to pick his pocket when he was dozing on the bench. But taking the law into ones hand is a wrong thing. We don't have any rule of "instant justice". He continued hitting the guy mercilessly with a stick. The stick broke into pieces but yet he still continued beating him. I stood behind helplessly. I was searching for some police, RPF or railway personnel to assist me to break it off. But it went too far, the guy was bleeding and weeping. The guy did not retaliate at all. I got real pissed off at that moment. I went onto the crowd and pulled that guy aside. I told him to stop it. He was in no mood to listen but lucky for me, other people backed me up. That guy reluctantly walked away leaving the other guy on the floor, bleeding from his nose, and his shirt torn. Why did this need to happen? Why did the other people wait for me to intervene? What if I had not intervened? Would that guy be beaten to death? It saddens me to see this happening in our country. We keep hearing how Indian students are attacked in Australia. Now if we care so much about the Indian students abroad why don't we care about each other here in India? Are we waiting for another 26/11 kind of incident to be an excuse to bring us together? If any of you people see such an incident, report it to police. Please don't be a mute spectator. Don't be afraid to do help anyone in need. But don't put yourself in danger instead. Weigh the pro's and con's.

vidit said...

Yo yo honey singh oye....2012 beet gaya :-) :-) :-) :-)

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