30 November 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Three Muslim Girls Of My Life !!!

            104TH BLOG -->>

      Sorry friends, I'm feeling very guilty because I was away from the blog for some days and Im not performing this activity..According to me Blogging is useless and not your enhancement if you are not doing it regularly..Blogging is something where you post what you feel...Or you share your thoughts with your friends..Many people use this in variations..They use it to share the lyrics of new songs..Some share the poems copied from somewhere else..Some people write about their routines and minute to minute activities..and some of them share their life , life-styles and talk about any topic..I do the last one..So what I feel is that if you are using blogs for the last two options then you should be regular..If its not possible to be regular and you are not concerned so much for your blog then you should be here atleast for 5 times in a week..I have always been regular till my 100th blog..But after that I took a gap of 1 week to receive the responses..but then I felt like moving away from the blog for some days...I dont know why this absurd feeling struck me..But now Im feeling very bad for being far away from blogs..There was a survey conducted by me on my blog through the poll..I received 24 comments on it..Where 12 people said me to write more than 1 post daily and 8 said to continue with the 1 post what I do..and remaining 4 said Do according to your wish...Im happy to see that people are so excited and enthusiastic for my posts that they feel that I should write more than 1 post daily..Friends who have commented on this very Option..Its not possible to do this..because Blogging is not the main motive of my life..Its just a part of my routine..Where I interact with my friends..So doing it twice in a day is not possible with such a college life where theres plethora of assignments and redundant works..Now this Poll has been closed..and new has been created where I'm expecting every one to express their willings..Its about the size...Should I continue with the length of posts as it is or should I increase or decrease..In 5 days..15 dearies has participated in this..14 of them says that Im perfect the way I am..and remaining 1 vote goes to Decrease the size..77 days are remaining for this poll to be closed..Lets see what the final verdict is..At the last Poll I received 24 comments..Hoping for the double comments on poll this time...

            Now Talking about the Tile of this post..Muslims and Islamic followers has always been my good friends..and right from my childhood I had an image for Muslim girls and women that they are very beautiful..I had a girl in my colony H*ab*-She was my first crush..I was flat on her..You will not believe my friends..I liked her right from my 1st standard..Tried to impress her whenever I got chance..Till my 10th std..I kept all of efforts to impress her but she never felt to be in relation with me..I never proposed her because It would have been danger for my father and me as she was in our colony itself..and If the matter would have taken its real flow ..My father would have been sued from the organization as her father was one of the directors of the company..After 10th , When I left the campus..I never though tabout her because I was admitted in a Muslim college where I saw many Muslim girls..All were extremely beautiful..I just fell in love almost with every girl of my campus..What a beauty..What an eyes..Beautiful lips...Oh My God..But after that I reached Aurangabad..There I met with a girl named Rabea through a friend..Both of us came into relationship..We never saw each other because we always knew each other through telephonic conversation..She is living in Panvel..So we didn't had any chance to meet till the time my family doesnt shifts to Panvel..Finally the day came..and this April My family shifted to Panvel..Once Rabea called me to meet her but as I didn't trusted her I refused to meet..Then after the two weeks of college , a Muslim girl of my class..Dont want to mention her name here because recently when I took her name I was to be suspended from the college..So She and Me deciphered that there is compatibility between both of us and both of us are congener that means of the same type..There were Kisses, Hugs and many love activities but lastly both of us with mutual understanding left each other..After break up..When I saw the different facet of her propensity and attitude..I was shocked..That how can a girl that too a Muslim girl be so dirty..But Whatever her upbringing and nourishment was done in this way..What can I do..She was my girlfriend and love for 15 days..But now I hate her the most in my life..

              So this three girls of my life out of which One was my first crush who was my friend till 7th std but then both of us weren't in the talking terms bcoz of my awkward ways of approachments..Second one was my girlfriend-Never saw her..But we had profused talks on mobile..Third one was the first girlfriend of my life..You can say so..She was the same girl what I wanted my lover to be..But she was this till the time she was my partner but as soon as we had break up..She turned into the worst creativity of Allah..Finally yesterday..@ the occasion of Eid when I sent wishes to every Muslim friends of mine..I sent my greetings to this three girls of my life..Rabea didn't replied..But He*b* who once ceased talking to me replied saying Thanks for the wishes..And this Ex-Gf too replied..I was shocked to see her reply and that too in such a sweet manner..I never expected..She is so dirty that even after such a break-up and so much of fights and unexpected happenings and arguments..She is behaving as void has happened between us.But my dear girl..I remember the day when we were aparted ..When you saw me your black facet and different side of your live-being...I'm apologizing to god that I conversed with her for 2 or 3 sms..But then I didn't replied because I hate her with all my aggression and fury...

               Thanks for reading the chapters of three muslim girls of my life...


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W!LSH!RE said...

Haha! your entire life and just 3 crushes! I'd have 3 crushes in a month! But a person needs to have the brains to distinguish between crush, love, attraction, friendship, infatuation, etc. Some materialise while some don't. An infatuation may turn into friendship while in the other case a nice friendship may turn into infatuation.
I completely understand your frustration but you need to get over it. I had a relation with a girl for just 2 months and we mutually parted ways. But after that I used to feel as if I made a mistake. But the thing is I should have learn't to leave past memories. I used to feel quite angry when she's be in front of me. I'd feel cheated. But she'd talk to me like good friends. Later I gave in. Now we're really good friends. So such stuff happens man. you gotta play it cool. Shit happens.

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