19 November 2021 | By: Writing Buddha

We don’t need Sympathy but Love & Understanding - Wishing Men's Day to everyone!!!

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Well, like every year, even this year Men’s Day has almost gone unnoticed. It’s fine because the gender has been known to be oppressor for all these years. It is another example of how few people make the whole religion sound bad. Similarly, because of few men, the whole gender is known to be criminal and predator. Whatever you end up doing for a woman’s safety or respect, you will still be seen by the society as criminal if someone blames you of something harmful. It becomes so hard to prove yourself to everyone that you start blaming your gender some days. People think only girls feel bad about being girls when something scary happens with them. But does anyone think similarly for men? No one. People think that men are meant to do wrongs whereas nothing can go wrong with them.


Right from childhood, you are nourished in a way that you know a single failure of yours will be mocked until you taste success. Till then, you will be told how useless you are- you need to be responsible – how will you earn – how will you see your family – how will you fulfil dreams of everyone etc. With such pressure, you grow up, and when you are unable to find a job, when compared to your female peers, you are considered a bigger failure. It becomes hard to live with the tag of failure and loser. Men can’t even cry in front of someone because you are told to be strong. Most of the times, you end up faking yourself to be strong even when you are hurt and broken inside. Even if your face tells something is wrong, people don’t care for it but want you to behave responsibly. Why? Because you are the man who is meant to be bold to handle not only yourself but the whole family.


In our country, every law is made in a way that women just must make a statement against any of us, and we shall be seen as a criminal without any evidence proving anything against you. The only option that we have is to defend ourselves even if we have everything working towards us. Everyone would appreciate the girl for standing up even if she’s not right or completely fooling around. We have already seen multiple examples such as the recent ones of Zomato and Lucknow case where boys were not at fault, but it has become so easy for a woman to insult the boy socially. But then, we are told that we are the oppressors. I understand that many encounters have happened in ancient pasts where women were treated badly by men but even then, there were kings or Gods who happened to save women from such oppressors. But then, who notices this. Everyone prefers negativity over positivity on any day.


Today itself, I read multiple articles on how married men are suffering social humiliation due to false cases registered against them. The suicidal percentage among such sufferers is only increasing year by year. As per the statistics, one married man is committing suicide every 7 minutes whereas normally, a man is committing suicide in every 5 minutes. We have also come across cases where the couple are in relationship or staying in live-in but the moment a girl realizes that her expectations are not meeting in the relationship, a rape or molestation case is filed against the boy. The whole career and societal reputation get affected and the life for the boy never remains to be the same ever. It is that difficult for men to survive in this biased world but if ever the society start thinking from this perspective.


I was recently traveling with my mother and sister on a long drive and the number of changes in my way of traveling/halting/night-stay I made was all because I had two beautiful ladies of my life along with me. That is how we respect women. That is how I think for all my female friends. I want every girl to be empowered, strong, financially independent, and successful so that they don’t end up being a shadow like it happens with many of them. And this is how many men of this society thinks and wants equal responsibilities for their sisters, wife, daughters, female friends, female colleagues etc. But only if this class of boys are considered when you talk about boys, men, male or the so-called tyrannical gender.


We don’t need sympathy. We don’t need appreciation if we treat women well. All we need is to not blame all of us for something that few of us have committed wrongly. We don’t need false cases against us. We don’t need the tag of creeps or predators attached to us. We need the due respect for the good intentions that we live with. If I have never seen any woman wrongly or treated anyone badly or never hit anyone, I will tend to feel bad if I hear a man or woman say that “All Men are Dogs” or “All Men are opportunistic when it comes to taking undue advantage of a woman’s body”. I know there are some but I am not one among them. If this continues, after some time, we will have to start uplifting men like we have been doing with women for last two decades. Let’s respect each other and make this world a better place to live. Let’s not make it hard and difficult for any of us.


Wishing all Men a very Happy Men’s Day!





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Dev_Ruhela said...

Excellent views upon gender equality however I'm satisfied with many of your sentences and also think that fake “feminism" has high weight than the boy/men who is innocent and had done nothing.
“All men are dogs" haah! Favorite words of every fake female.
By the way I also have very high respect for everyone whether it's a girl or a boy..🙃

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