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Movie Review: Sanak: Watch it for Vidyut & Action scenes! **½

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Every time I find trailer of a new movie starring Vidyut Jammwal, my first reaction is to not watch it because I know, it is going to be the same stuff that he does in every movie – fight for the actress of the movie against multiple goons using his martial arts and action skills. But the moment arrives when I take the final call of streaming his movie when I am in the mind zone of watching something very rocking and sporty. The only name that comes to my mind is Vidyut. He has his own niche in terms of selecting movies and the audience who watches his every movie. Unfortunately, I am not among one of them, but I do enjoy the way he carries himself on the screen.


Last weekend, I watched Sanak on Disnep+ Hotstar which ended up being on “Most watched movie” list for around 3 weeks since its release on the OTT platform. This surprised me as his last venture on the same OTT platform named “Khuda Hafiz” didn’t get the same kind of word-of-mouth. Sanak’s storyline is almost like Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi movie where here, his wife has been held as hostage alongside many other patients in a hospital where she had almost recovered from her heart condition. Vidyut, playing her husband, comes to the hospital to take her home when he realizes something is wrong. He understands the situation within some time and here begins the movie, Sanak, where his only motive is to ensure that his wife comes out safe. He ends up beating and bulleting the terrorists one-by-one – sometimes with the gun whereas sometimes through his hands whereas sometimes using his crazy martial arts’ skills.


It is all fun to watch with the background music which completely justifies the action scenes and uplifts the whole momentum of the movie with each scene. The complete credit for this must go to Saurabh Bhalerao – the man I got to know only after trying to understand whose work was it. The dialogues are fine, and you’ll just love hearing the conversation between the protagonist and the leader of the terrorists named Saju, played by Chandan Roy Sanyal. Talking about the action scenes, as I said, they are just mind-blowing. Typically, the one in the physiotherapy room where the props are used so wittingly in synchronization that you just don’t want that scene to end. Similarly, another scene where Vidyut hides in a section where the medicines are placed, the way he fights with the rest of the terrorists is another beautifully choreographed scene.


Talking about the performances, as always, in such action movies, the main protagonist always steals the show and when it’s an actor like Vidyut Jammwal who takes his action scenes seriously, you just can’t stop loving his efforts and appreciating his conduct on the screen. Rukmini Maitra had a good chance to showcase her talent in the movie as Vidyut’s wife, but she has lost the golden opportunity with her silly acting and expressions. Neha Dhupia is completely wasted. The surprise package of the movie is Chandan Roy Sanyal who plays the negative character perfectly named Saju. You just love watching him challenge the system with his amazing body language and accent. Chandan Roy, as a funny element in the movie, who claims to know about the complete map of the hospital makes you laugh with his innocent and comic act. I just loved the way those segments are used as fillers at the right time.


Now talking about the drawbacks, the cheesy conversation between the husband-wife couple is difficult to bear. You just can’t stop from fast-forwarding those scenes and move to the next one. Secondly, as it always happens in the Bollywood movies, when the director wants, the target is achieved right with the first bullet itself even if the subject is not in the sight but when it’s necessary or when its about actor of the movie, even the ten bullets don’t hit the target even from the distance of 5 metres. This really irritates when it happens in such a hardcore action-driven movie.  Then there are many stupid subplots in the movie where a kid is shown knowing how to diffuse a suicide bomb whereas the police squad is unable to perform their primary task. It becomes intolerable to consume such scenes.


Overall, this Kanishk Varma directed movie is just an average stuff in terms of script and sub-plots but Vidyut carries the movie on his shoulders alone. Whatever ratings I am giving is for him and the action direction performed in the movie. It is 2.5 stars out of 5. You can skip it if you want.





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